Three brothers with a long nose Princess


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There was once three brothers, lived in the country, three of them never left the village, he has always been very happy to be alive.Suddenly, my grandmother died, survived by three things baby, give each person the same.So the three of them to her house to receive the relics, but they do not know what to do with the baby.Brother Kalu Luo had an empty purse, Erxiong Yae promise it had called a flute, the most loving little brother grandmother promised to have the capital to open an old coat.We can get rich of it!they said.If the full pocketbook filled with sovereigns, then how good it is!卡鲁洛 say.Sure enough money bag inflates immediately, almost like a burst bag, which is full of sovereigns.what!Ouch!Younger brother cried, my brother about it with a different.Yae promise to follow it called to pick up a whistle blow, suddenly appeared in front of a lot of troops on the road to Yae its promise salute, pending command.You want me to do it?Yae its promise to ask.We are waiting for your command miles!The soldiers say.Well!Now I do not have anything to use you, but someday need your.Yae It Snow said again called whistle blows, all the soldiers gone.Yae it looked very surprised promise – made uncertain spirit – but he has thus imagined to do a big heroes of.Then I put on the jacket Try it!Younger brother promised to Information said the coat draped over his body, the moment out of sight.Where you go Amby?Brothers asked.I do not where to go, still here ah!Where are you here yo.Talk between the coat from the shoulders slide down, that she saw his brother.Well!I have this jacket is really strange ah!The future will one day need to use it.Brother said, but we do not tell people what the magic ah.Two brothers are in favor of this opinion, I made an appointment kept secret.Kalu Luo This guy is really no way he money, not spend on non.He was never good young Johnson, as he arrived in the city, especially on the big bet bet, though often lose badly, but he does not care.As long as he thought of when you need money, money bag full of sovereigns immediately, so ShangXi rumors he is a world’s richest.King princess heard the news, he sent an emissary to meet Kalu Luo.what!The main public know me?This is the biggest honor of my life ah!Kalu Luo said he is pleased but glory.Kalu Luo to the palace, much preferential treatment.That night he took a lot of money and playing cards princess, princess have been back every win.Kalu Luo always just smiled and said: It does not matter, there are many money vault mile!Kalu Luo but a rough farmers, however, the Princess filled admire his appearance, between two or three weeks, actually engaged to be and Kalu Luo.Kalu Luo Rong Chong by such a large, well-known secret nature that wish to open to the princess know, when talking about gossip, like he wanted to give the princess saw the pocketbook, but Kalu Luo pocketbook not take back, he was imprisoned in a prison in the palace.Kalu Luo Koki pocket and two sovereigns, so he bribed the soldiers to keep the prison of his situation now told his brother.Yae its promise know this, immediately called whistle blowing, stand out with the army starting to Miyagi princess, his army a hundred times more than the brave princess, immediately surrounded Miyagi, not the Declaration Carew Los pay out, would destroy the whole city.Princess no way, put Kalu Luo.Kalu Luo gas up the face back to the country.I have fought to win her, I want to ask her to return the purse.Yae it went to see Princess Snow said.Access to Information also promised to go along with his brother together, because he was wearing that old jacket, so no one could see him.Princess saw the brave army generals, but is a rough farmer, he was surprised to guess he must have a secret.She will be very cunningly pretend he was respectful, he said a lot of good things: Kalu Luo’s jail, it is not my fault, I did not know him shortly after he proposed to me, it’s not too presumptuous yet?But, you and Kalu Luo very different.You are such a great person, have to have a big palace, to all troops not ah!me?The palace is no need, I heard my army command, immediately pouring out, I called a whistle blow, call out ‘at attention’, in front of the army: when I do not have time, then called a whistle blow, shout ‘rest’, they had been eliminated, and that do not need the trouble of palace.Yae it promise to be confused by the sweet talk, feel Taotao De said the secret out.This is called flute really baby ah!You willing to give me a look at it?Princess bluntly asked.Standing who can not see the open capital promised to push a push Yae its promise arm, asking him to pay attention, but not enough time, Yae it is important that the promise has called whistle to princess.Princess blowing a whistle to call, once the palace are covered with army.This man caught.Princess ordered the army said he was a rebel, a traitor.Army identified only called whistle blowing is the master, so it immediately caught Yae promise, poor he was pulled low underground dungeon to go top.Open people’s eyes can not see the promised funding remained in the palace, he was looking around pocketbook, can not find it.Still in the hands of flute called the princess, there are a lot of troops surrounded the Defense of her, how can not be approached Princess.The Princess was talking to the soldiers, praise their clothing, swords and knives etc..Open-owned promised no way, thinking and other military Tuisan, then return home to go.He was about a palace of time, but unfortunately hit over the princess’s maid, the maid thought, in broad daylight, how can there be an invisible something bumped the truth, horrified and cried.Funding promised it will be very open kind of bribe, she said: Well!You do not call, I will not harm you, if you can tell my brother’s purse in any place, and the hand of the princess called flute show me, I will give you many, many sovereigns have not seen to you.But the maid scared scattered soul from the soul, did not hear the words of promise to Information, they went in front of the princess, he said there is an invisible man to assassinate Princess.There came a strange thing!Princess afraid, he said, immediately ordered the gates closed.Later promised to Information sack sack footsteps to hear them, and they shall follow the footsteps search.Open-owned promised to avoid catching purposes, it is quick to jump on a chair, climbed on a table or bed inside.Because the princess to find very tired, the soldiers again over and over again down the room appliances chaotic, angry princess called up and they take a whistle blow, the demobilization of soldiers, themselves go back to the room, at the same time, it also followed the promise to Information came.Princess lying in bed, waiting for the sake of open capital promised to sit after sleeping princess to retrieve the purse strings and flute called, but he also doze unconsciously, and because the room was hot stuffy people, regardless of whatever the outcome, he, unlock the coat the toggle, revealing a little chest.Then the princess has not really asleep, she saw that he jumped up, increasingly open capital promised to the next, snatched the coat.what!Poor Access to Information princess promised to be seen, in addition to open very angry fist, there was not a.He was madly to pounce snatch away the jacket, but it is probably a princess called whistle blowing, the house is a soldier, he would be imprisoned to go to prison, he turned and walked to the window; however princess has called whistle blew, immediately room is full of the sound of weapons Qiang Qiang.Open-owned promised desperately to pull the door to jump out the window, the laughter had three treasures of the Princess’s the kind of victory, ran down the street to go.Open-owned promised all the way indignant, but also for their own destiny and distraught, his trot to the countryside.As he walked side of the heart consider, and take a few hours and a few hours, not feel hungry up.At this time, there is no owner of a garden, a great many long green figs, touched his eye, he ran in, picked lots to eat a big full, I feel very good.Really strange, the first month will have figs, and I always was pretty lucky ah!He said ate several.He ate very stomach fullness, I do not know how very strange on the face up, he saw his nose gradually longer, looks a lot like an arm like another moment, it looks almost to the ground.Poor funding promised to open looked panicked, he thought, this must be good at taking no sin figs income of the owner of the.He sighed and decided to live forever in this garden, because he felt that way to the people saw him this is very shameful.After some time, he was hungry.He found another piece of ground in the garden, there are many small purple figs, he thought, this is probably not what harm it!He carefully holding it long, heavy, big nose, come to that surface removal of tiny purple figs to eat, but really strange, long nose, narrow gradually reduced, just as small as the original look up.He jumped with joy, he said: This is really marvelous fig yo!He thought, ah!It really saved me, I can go out and see the person.Promise to Information is a very alert man, so he thought of a very wonderful means to immediately get two baskets, pick up a basket full of big green figs, and pick up a basket of tiny purple figs, then pretended a rural old man, mention the TV drama basket full of green figs go onto the streets selling.Fig!Figs sell!Open-owned promises went along one side shouting.Hear people on the street selling figs, all take money out to buy.Open-owned promised to say: the first month of figs, you want to take two coppers only, it would be?I’m sorry enough, not to take the gold pound is not for sale.Selling figs, delicious figs!Open-owned promised went shouting outside the window of the bedroom princess.Five dollars, all to sell you!He said promised to Information.Buy it!Said the Princess.After the promise of open capital sold out, walked alone could not help laughing.To the second tender in the morning, ShangXi pass over the princess and some of the ladies had a strange illness.On this day there are all kinds of doctors coming and going all day, inside and out of court, have to see medical books, exhausted brains to think of symptomatic drugs.Although Princess eat a lot of various drugs green black red, still to no avail.Princess hiding in the room, do not want to show up, because she grew a full six feet long nose, he had to sleep in the bed all day.That long nose is embroidered on the upper, stood like a real gun it.Soon, there is a new doctor to request to see a doctor princess.This is an open funding promised by the make-up of.I have a sure way can heal this novel disease.The new doctor said.So, you first maid healed, I was assured to heal.That arrogant by nature princess says.So the fake doctors went to the room maid to see the doctor, because the maid herself into this strange way, is very sad sobbing.I have studied healing spells nose, but I have to get you honoraria.He said promised to Information.Ok!All things whatever I can give you.Said the lady.No, these things well, you have to put the princess stolen purse, called the flute and jacket brought as a gift, but you do not tell it to the Princess.So long nose maid dragged into the room princess, sitting on the bed, he said some nagging resentment regret the words.You go over there!You go over there!My room had two long nose and you have room for it?Hey!You go ah.That really does not quack cure your nose.Said the Princess.But the maid pretended like finishing pillow stood for a long time, although she was plucking here and there, looking for that treasure on the bed, because the princess a little relentless attention to her, so she only stole a call to the flute.Open-owned promise took the call Miao said: this thing, I can do reward gift.He put the pastry made of purple figs maid to eat, that nose immediately shrunk to its original form.Open-owned promised to tell her to take a break, he went to the room the princess said: heal right now for the princess!No, no, I later have to be assured before they can heal you, just rely women to come here, to see she has not completely good, then you first male waiter Medical Well!The waiter affected by the treatment, immediately restore the original nose, he jumped with joy, dancing around in a doctor’s hand dancing feet.Maid heard the sound of dancing, jumping and leaping out also, two people together to jump to the princess’s room.Princess saw him two doctors beautifully nose, then jealousy almost frantically cried: Do you heal it for me!Heal it for me right now.After a good, but you have to get honoraria, so I’m relieved that I can heal you.He said promised to Information.what!What gave you as you like it.So you please give me the purse and jacket.Ouch!You’re the man now.what!It seems like I’ve seen you.Princess groan, he said, but she hesitated to immediately shouted: fail, fail, not!You do not say?so nice!Access to Information said the rest of the promised panacea to the maid and told her to take the matter yesterday ate green figs groom’s throw away from the window to eat, and then blow a whistle to call out the army and stand out, surrounded by heavily Princess.The results princess spoke to feed!Take it all!It gave the coat and purse thrown standing behind the army promised to Information.Princess promised immediately to talk about things outside capital.I admire you treat me means it.I really want to respect you much more than your brothers.If you are willing to heal my nose, I think you must think me to be your concubine are well matched.what!Faster!Come for me heal it!Without this terrible nose, I’m a beautiful woman friends.princess!Miraculous medicine, has gone a little, just a little rest, not for the groom princess eat it?You always say you want to be assured after the treatment before they agree to it, but not very clever ah!These black soldiers to save on the Yae it Nuo Gege.I now reclaim previously princess should not take three treasures, put this humble thing – the princess in the world, no matter which can not be used to show off the long nose dedicated to the Princess!Open-owned promised he says with quiet ridiculed with.In this way, it is always six feet long nose long in the face of the Princess.Later, the three brothers to leave the country, I do not know where to go to try a new adventure to go.

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