Masters three Nobel literature become enemies, just as the United States and talented poetry


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Nancy Gounod is known as the 20th century, the favorite muse, her talent and beauty the entire literary world in the early 20th century charmed, including his famous Hemingway and Pound.More incredibly, there have been British poet TS Eliot, Samuel French writer, Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet Pablo Neruda three threw himself at her feet, in order to get her favor, they abandon the old friendship, enemies.Taiwan writer Li Ao has commented Nancy: She is an enigmatic woman!So, Nancy Gounod what is a creature full of romantic and legendary history of it?Much damage first love in April 1896, Nancy Cournot born in England a wealthy shipping family.Her childhood was not happy, father day out hunting, horseback riding.Mother of literature is full of interest, the then leader of familiar cultural.As the mother keen to interact with these celebrities, so there have been several extramarital affairs.Make Nancy understand is actually the father quietly endured it all.After admitted to the University, Nancy for their own professional history of no interest, in love with poetry, she always borrow those words express inner subtle mildly depressed and unhappy family life.Gradually, Nancy literary works published in the newspaper, but also in society published journals.Her work is full of light and agile, and a focus on human freedom.She hates male chauvinism, the pursuit of gender equality.In mid-1914, the outbreak of the First World War, with many young people, like Nancy, entered an era contempt for parents and society to set all the red tape.At that time the university campus thinking very active, full of all kinds of lectures, seminars and heated debate.Nobel Prize winners, world-class poet Eliot went to school lectures, when he was with a group of literary masters engaged in literary revolutionary movement together.By Nancy’s words, the campaign completely changed my whole outlook on life, she was more confident that the sacred mission of art is to change the course of history.Your arrival is lit like a beacon in the night I.When Nancy holding Eliot’s poetry looking for his signature said excitedly.I have seen your work, very aura, as you look cute.Eliot, then suddenly narrowed the distance between the literary master of literature and young women.Nancy never dreamed their own little surprised to be seen as idols.Then Nancy, who filled youth, passion and romance like a fire in Eliot’s chest.So in a weekend, Nancy Elliott drove to pick out of the campus.Candlelight, wine, poetry!Elliot and Nancy break through all the concerns embraced kiss, they love like their poetry, like passion, burning, lingering.You are a poem, made of natural, without any carving!In front of you perfectly clean carcass, all my words are pale, you also pure than the daffodils, but also tender and beautiful than roses!Naked in bed watching Nancy, the great poet Eliot sent a deep emotion.40-year-old man once again love it, than the young man also crazy.Eliot refuse all the entertainment, publishing interviews even as he opened the conference.He waits for the day in the school side, Nancy, a school, he took her picked up.Nancy him rejuvenated.But did not last long, Eliot and Nancy romance soon found a keen media reported Discovering a time Nobel Prize winner TS Eliot’s literary young woman full of major media headlines.Eliot’s wife and two children and angrily denounced his infidelity derailed.The pressure of public opinion and families together to impinge upon the Elliott.Similarly, Nancy to face a third party infamy and parental pressure.I am not afraid, are you afraid of it?Nancy Elliott’s arm around the waist, leaning his head back thick.Eliot did not answer, Nancy Banguo his body, looked into his eyes.Eliot’s silence deeply hurt the heart of Nancy, she turned resolutely away a literary giant actually not a weak woman strong in the face of love, which is the unexpected Nancy.In mid-1916, I do not know to forget or to heal, Nancy suddenly decided to marry a World War I veterans wounded, but not for six months, that is, the two separated.She and her doomed marriage does not belong to ordinary people.The next three years, Nancy completely closed up their own emotional world, threw himself into poetry in.Although the prototype of the classic written by Eliot Poetry “The Waste Land” is the heroine in Nancy, but Nancy did not want this cheap comfort, she wrote “visual difference,” a poem, the literary world at that time was considered to be scared of poetry circles Hong glance, a poem critics think is entirely possible with Eliot’s “the Waste Land” on an equal footing.I hate women despise wisdom and love of man.Nancy said publicly in the media, of course, people know her remarks against Eliot.Conquests of talented woman in mid-1921, was introduced to Ernest Hemingway, and Nancy met the famous poet Ezra Pound.Pound enthusiastic pursuit of the ice melted her emotional world, and Pound she launched a five-year love life.Just Friends optimistic about this relationship and wish them at the right time can walk into the marriage hall, Nancy suddenly left the Pound.After the breakup of Pound is very painful, he never married.Pound later mental disorders, was locked up in a mental hospital until mid-1958, before the end of twelve years in prison mental hospital, to return to Italy to live until his death.Pound in his poem “aria” in the Nancy likened to the bottom of the flame.My wife is deeply hidden in the bottom of the flame / / My wife is kind of joy / I love like the bottom of the flame / hard to find a trace / wind finger / bringing her / weak / rapid Greetings / my wife is a joyful / warm / difficult to meet / underwater like a flame / difficult to meet.Nancy Pound leave because she met another Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda.Neruda’s talent and character more appealing to Nancy, she felt himself really feel the sweetness of love in there Neruda.The Pound may be a transition and lubrication after she and Elliott were injured feelings.Nancy and Neruda’s love more than a year, until Samuel, the feelings between them only subtle changes occur.Samuel is a good friend of Neruda, the two met during a sojourn in the United States.Samuel not only wrote poetry, but also good at writing drama.Samuel often send tickets to Neruda, Nie is with Nancy to see theater.Neruda was busy with work, sometimes there is no time to accompany Nancy see theater, he asked Samuel to take care of Nancy.Some interesting things happen not only to accompany Nancy Samuel watching the show, he told her of their own creative ideas and creative process.Nancy found that although the wonderful theater, listen to Samuel speaks of the creative process more exciting, because the story of Samuel will set the direction and outcome of several, act it out on stage just one.Plot a direction towards which development is how you set it?Nancy asked curiously Samuel.Sometimes I am also very tangled, finalized which to choose ending it?Samuel looked bright eyes, said Nancy.I feel terrible Hello, holds the fate of the dramatis personae.You want them to have love sweet happy ending there at the end, you’d rather die they want them to have life to death.Nancy looked admiration Samuel.Nancy and her fascination with the drama and the Neruda Samuel exchanges caused suspicion and vigilance, he will not allow Nancy to talk to Samuel to see theater, and even he himself does not take her to the theater.Nancy was very angry, narrow-minded thought Neruda.I like to watch drama, why not let me go?I do not want what happened should not have happened.Neruda’s answer to Nancy was disappointed, she has been the pursuit of gender equality, mutual trust and love.Nancy was a person to go see theater, after Neruda know, talk to Samuel theory, and publicly insulted him and Nancy.Nancy thoroughly angry, he actually did not expect such a literary master out of thin air to hurt their own friends and lovers.She made a break.But even more she did not expect that Neruda actually find Samuel, a duel with him.Samuel although she liked Nancy, but he has repressed feelings that.Neruda’s rude farce let him dilemma.Finally, when Neruda took Liang Bingjian come to him, he was forced to pick up a two-edged them.In the full moon night, two literary giants holding a sword duel began a baffling.Samuel is the result of a duel seriously injured.Neruda won, but his victory was never pushed to Nancy from him, pushed his defeated Samuel.Why are you so foolish, to go to a duel with him, you know we are being wronged.Nancy looked at the bed wrapped in bandages Samuel said heartache.Because only my failure and injury to make him the Elimination of suspicion and hurt you.Samuel’s answer as warm as jump over Nancy’s body.Neruda wrote a poem dedicated to Nancy: You are a proud beautiful white swan / ghost of you let the fish in the water to stop swimming / singing let you lose the wind direction / but / Please do not fly / I’m afraid you fly beauty / hunter in gunfire in / falling one after another turned into feathers.Let Nancy beautiful fall of none other than the hunter happens to be their own Neruda.Nancy miserable miserable old age did not hesitate to fall in love with Samuel.She whole-heartedly themselves to love Samuel to go, she even gave up her American lived for many years, great love, following Samuel to France.Samuel a return to France, the French people’s enthusiasm and extensive communication suddenly emerged, his days there is entertainment.Although Nancy liked to socialize and party, but the Frenchman’s passion sometimes she can not stand, especially some sense of proportion and French women regardless of the occasion to flirt with Samuel.To recommend the latest information sauna

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