Three young motorcycle race


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A European towns and lively up, being held here, the annual motorcycle contest, global players are gradually poured into the town.Many players are ahead of the competition to the local twenty-three weeks training to adapt to the scene of the geographical environment.Among the many good hands, there are three different faiths Huaqiao Qing years.I believe the first fatalism.Once he slipped results no matter what scraps he can not change later failed in the race.Since then, whenever unfortunate race once he slipped, he will automatically abstain, because he thought it was predestined fate can not be changed.He will be the success of the entire contest, somewhere in the hands of fate.Second youth, childhood compliance with their parents, worship Guan Gong Three Kingdoms era.Before every race, he must follow his parents to a nearby temple to burn incense in Chinatown, result of the inquiry to the temple of alum child.If that were alum boy nodded his permission to participate in the competition, he will have the confidence to play, otherwise, they give up.For this competition, his parents have been to the temple asked, Guan Di (alum children) confidently tell his parents, this must be successful to win the championship, he will get help Guandishan.The young man will contest the entire championship opportunity, pay at the mysterious power of a supernatural.Finally a young man, was the first competition, he joined funding purposes but also to win the championship this time.To win $ 100,000 in prize money.So that his sick mother went abroad to treatment.He diligently practice every day, jump down, Youpaqilai, he kept encouraging myself: I have to get title!I must!He will this win, in their own hands.Soon, the race began.A hearing gunshots beginning of the game, hundreds of players to go straight pediment.Now, let’s focus on those three young men who.The first young man that began shortly after the race, due to slippery Korea fell example, he put the bike pushed to the side of the road, very reluctantly looked at a lot of competition from his eyes Chiguo.Ugh.This is the arrangement of God, what can I do!God bless second youth was rather desperately Mercedes-Benz, suddenly, in a change of the.He inattentive, accident, man Yang car turned, unconscious.When his parents saw this scene on television, he angrily rushed to the temple to that room questioned the chaos child.Tong Gang alum Fortunately, taking a nap, they were suddenly awakened by the door and.Lord Guan.You say bless my son safe and sound.We got to the championship.You see now that he has had an accident, you in the end there is no ah bless him?The young man’s mother Zhou was very angry and said pro.Lord Guan Meng Meng rubbing his sleepy eyes, said: Well, I have tried to help next to your son when he was falling, I also try to rush to help him, but.He rode a motorcycle, I rode a horse, how to recover it on?As for the third race, he is also very desperately Benz.Once the fall, he quickly got up, reluctantly continue to sprint.Billowing dust, hot sun, were unable to cover his hot heart sinking.Because he will determine success or failure in their hands, and finally he won the championship.Marketing Implications: There are many people to blame for the success of fate, succeeded considered gods bless, on the contrary, they considered the fate failed.In fact, people with a positive mental attitude will understand that its strength by other, better on their own, because only you can control their own destiny!

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