Three generations of Yiwu gold jeweler stick


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In Yiwu city, and city workers West Road has been a bustling place, and many of gold jewelry shop along the street will be tart.20 years ago, businessmen from around the country will throw a lot a lot of money here, they want to take away the gold jewelry.Now, with the country’s gold trading market liberalization, these guests from afar gradually fewer trips.But with the fashion in waves to come, Yiwu gold jewelry industry is also quietly changing.Increasingly complete, the price of high-end jewelry and even appear in these new or old or shop, then into the homes of ordinary people.As in Yiwu, development and processing of gold jewelry industry has also witnessed the real changes Yiwu reform and opening up 20 years occurred.Fortune reporter visited the studio before and after three generations of gold jeweler who listen to them tell their story of wealth.The first generation: the days of dodgy story: retreat to the country to play nearly eight-year-old Kim Shi Guang Yuan old man is the first to play one of Yiwu goldsmith, and now he’s still paying attention a decade ago left the industry, but the year brought goldsmith years, still filled with emotion.In the early 1980s, Yiwu market economy has started.But compared to the momentum of rapid development of commodity trading, gold jewelry industry is still a winter.Since the state policy does not allow, with one hand and goldsmith skills of Shi Guang Yuan never dared to openly display their craft.In order to be able to continue to do their own goldsmith craft, Shi Guang Yuan thought of Yiwu home after a distant relative.After Zhaicun yellow house, distant relatives to help Shi Guang Yuan closed on all sides to find a small house.Shi Guang Yuan secretly hiding in dark room processing of gold jewelry, three meals a day delivered by relatives.Because it will tinkling sound when the goldsmith, fear of being discovered, can only play in the daytime, at night do not much movement polishing process.Shi Guang Yuan said at the time to do goldsmith craft is not a lot of people, so the fees can still hit a pair of earrings or a bracelet earn three dollars, it would be a small fortune in income at the time.After doing a few months in the yellow house village, the policy began to loosen.House returned to the city after Shi Guang Yuan to leave, but still live the days of dodgy.Until 1985, the Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau to all the craftsmen engaged in processing gold concentrate to the city Road, Shi Guang Yuan have his own shop.But after a few years, as more and more people to enter the industry, Shi Guang Yuan tray out of the shop, I went to do other business.The second generation: the story of a day of hard work: learning to play the gold stolen art meal if Shi Guang Yuan is a typical representative of the first pinch-hit goldsmith, then 50-year-old golden spit, Cao Shu Xian couple was undoubtedly the second generation.Gold spit Shi Guang Yuan couple is then defected to the home after the country’s distant relatives.See Shi Guang Yuan hiding hit gold, golden spit honest at the same time for fear of him, instinctively aware that playing gold can be a profitable line of business.So, gold spit request apprenticeship to Shi Guang Yuan, but was turned down, which also aroused the curiosity of gold spit.So, take a day to spit gold Shi Guang Yuan meal time, secretly observed goldsmith processes and techniques.Time goldsmith very primitive technology, even with the molten gold blowing lance mouth is.Gold said the spit, mouth-blown lance Melting sounds simple, but is the most difficult to master goldsmith techniques.Because the molten gold to maintain lasting flame constantly, we must learn to use the gas uniform, and this, as a scholar of stealing gold spit at first is how can not do.More solutions than problems, just as intricate gold spit molten gold puzzle worry, the wife Cao Shu Xian came up with a way.They got a discarded automobile tires, connect one end of the gun on top.While constantly toward the inside of the tire inflated, while the use of air pressure the gun steady work.This move not only earth approach and effort, the efficiency of molten gold is also higher than the mouth blown more.Still later, clever spit gold couple has found a gasoline gun and foot wind (a kind of foot with a small blower) and other more advanced tools of molten gold, gold jewelry processing speed is greatly improved.A gold necklace fine workmanship, usually twenty-three hours to complete.At the time, the processing fee of 5 dollars a necklace, which is a long-term gold farming spit couples, is considered a small fortune in income.Story Two: bench as a bed during the day and lighting division with the departure of Fudan Guang Yuan, gold spit couple also decided to seek development opportunities in the city of Yiwu.In mid-1986, gold spit couples with two benches, filled with carrying a small wooden box Goldsmith’s tools came to Yiwu City.From the countryside to the city, as the days of playing goldsmith new entrants have not fared well.The longest time is seven days not attached to embrace a goldsmith live, my husband and I eat every day brought from the countryside to eat sweet potato.Speaking of hard times that year, Cao Shu Xian still contain his excitement.Cao Shu-sen said, in order to embrace the business, she transferred several markets in Yiwu every day.Later, at a relatives, and finally took a single business.After receiving the business, gold spit couple in Yiwu city near Chaoyang door to find a small house to do processing sites.At that time, the policy has not been liberalized, gold processing can only be carried out covertly, gold will spit rented a small house full block up the doors and windows, broad daylight points kerosene lamps to work.In the evening, after the couple busy working day, it will bring together two stools and a bed.Because the rented house is too small, simply does not fit a bed.During the day, when we work, we have to put up two stools stacked vertically.Cao Shu-sen said that such a day when they had a full 5 years.Story three: long braids into a non-word signs in 1989, Yiwu many couples and spit gold gold processing business households ushered in a turning business.This year, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the flexible use of the national policy to allow private gold processing, will focus on the city’s 22 gold processing business operators to the city Road 39.Gold spit couple also opened Jinsheng gold processing shop.Have their own shop, golden spit a couple of business can begin to play.Gold spit responsible for processing, Cao Shu Xian is responsible for the delivery and Lanhuo.With more contacts and clients, Cao Shu Xian its unique passion and integrity to win widespread trust.From mid-1986 onwards started to play gold, Cao Shu Xian has been to keep long braids.Later, her long braids actually turned into a wordless signs, commissioned by the customer to the store gold jewelry processing, we must find long braids was assured.Yiwu market has been able to have today’s prosperity, with government departments and flexible use of policy are inseparable, our gold processing industry, too.Cao Shu-sen said that under the policy support of government departments, Yiwu gold processing industry has made significant progress, and even began to have a small amount of gold jewelry in private transactions.Thousands of businessmen gathered in Yiwu flow, information flow is quite rich, businessmen from across the country will naturally not neglect Yiwu gold processing a street presence.Because Yiwu gold jewelry prices much cheaper than other channels, businessmen from Tianjin, Shenyang, Harbin and other places also come here to find long braids.These old customers and Cao Shu Xian couple’s business, continued until 2000, the national gold market fully liberalized.Story Four: stick-year-old look back into the ups and downs of gold jewelry industry more than 20 years of experience, talkative golden spit couple put it up is grateful for old customers.Now, gold spit couple in Yiwu city out of the four gold jewelry stores, of which three over to his son and daughter to take care of, in the way the city opened a 15-year-old still under her care.Shu Xian Cao told reporters that the couple can do it is today, by the stick.Over the past decade, Yiwu jewelry store opened a lot of gold, but also turn off many.People turn off the gold jewelry store, either because the lost and lonely.Gold jewelry industry looks rich and powerful, in fact, is not a huge industry profits.Many people enter the industry after the discovery, by this line of big money will not be easy, then switch to other industries; another reason to turn off part of the shop is because of poor management, does not survive.Because there is no particular group of loyal customers, business is difficult to pick up.Gold spit in the couple’s old customers, many of them are three- or even four generations.Until now, these customers to their store, still looking for long braids Cao Shu-sen.For future development, but also gold spit couple did not know how long stick.But one thing is certain, and that is with getting older, sooner or later be handed over to the hands of the family business to take care of children.Right now, the prime of life of their son and daughter have started to work independently and make a better performance than their parents.This old couple was very pleased.The third generation: a sunny day story: follow fashion trends with respect to the pace talkative elderly, the young Jin Liya very talkative.Jin Liya and her husband take care of the old name, Win two jewelry stores.I grew up in the dip of gold jewelry line Jin Liya quite familiar with this industry.Coupled with frequent travelers to Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and other places, Jin Liya trend right now for the jewelry industry, well aware.Yiwu gold jewelry industry trends developed rapidly, first gold, platinum and diamonds later, and now the focus is emerald.Jin Liya said that several years ago platinum, diamonds began when popular, elderly people can not accept for a moment, feel that gold is the most precious thing.But then to see the store for new platinum, diamond selling hot goods, they slowly change their ideas.Jin Liya told reporters, Yiwu has a unique market advantages, well-developed commodity economy only created a Yiwu prosperous and achievements of a large number of the wealthy class.In the hands of wealthy people in Yiwu previous high-end consumer will be placed in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Hangzhou, and now the introduction of top jewelry brands, retain Yiwu consumer of luxury goods in the local market has a huge opportunity.As a new generation jeweler, not only to hold the father passed down the family business, but also with the changing market, the industry will be bigger and stronger.

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