Three-in-law birthday celebration


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Members outside the strict new house, has stimulated 70th birthday, really double celebration.Birthday that day, outside the strict staff came up with little tricks, festivity.Yan member of the first outer nailed to the door of a nail, which wanted a first-come-in-law, have to say Master flourishing population, who knows backfire.Catch great son, a knock on the door, this hand forehand in Flanagan nailed, all of a sudden shoot up blood, great son Heart grievances, casually to some doggerel: nail a nail on the door, poke my bloody hand , mass annihilation escape before, but any death three days.Then, the great son walked away.Father hurried to open the door, watching the big Uncle away in the back, sighed, and resorted to the second measure, put in front of a wood, meaning that wealth is shining.Two Uncle to the door, seeing no one, but saw what law a wood, I thought today Laozhang Ren do today, difficult to talk to some doggerel: root wood put in front of wife’s father, did not dare to block the lover, mother trees to open a new flower-in-law how can you get the flower.Members outside Yan angry straight rolling his eyes, you see what he said, saying that people like it?Lesson two was about Uncle few words, but have not seen shadows.Yan members resorted to outside third measure put at the door with an ax, was intended to wealth generation, the three hurried Uncle came to see the door to put the ax, and my heart thumped, today Laozhang Ren why students so the atmosphere ah, look at the old man on man sitting on a chair at the gate, his face ashen, the three-in-law could not help took a breath, leaving a limerick leave.Front door put an ax, my father sitting behind the door, vicious untouchables, go home to find a way out.Laozhang Ren sighed, casually Yin: three Guye are out of the red, angry old lady to nail in the coffin, today met Sangmen star, like night nightmares.Laozhang Ren trembling with anger, only heard a sound of gongs and drums, three-in-law to come to birthday celebration.Great son: Congratulations Tang Yue Zhang Jianhua, a flourishing population radiant, the second son: 70th birthday rare ancient times, wealth is shining body healthy, the three-in-law: wealth and good fortune for generations, over the more prosperous life, all the three daughters; choking boom – boom choke – choke pound.This old father turn anger to joy.

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