Several ancient acupuncture points acupuncture effect


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One kind of round sharp needle old nine-pin。
Like a pony tail, round and pointed tip。 Used for the treatment of boils, rheumatism and certain acute disease。 Needle needle (filiformneedle), it is made of metal, made of stainless steel as material of the needle are most commonly used。
Stainless steel needle having high strength and toughness, smooth the straight needle, heat and rust can not easily be chemical etching, it is currently widely used in clinical。
Useful also other needle made of metal, such as lilies, needles, although conductivity, heat transfer performance much better than stainless steel needle, the needle body but coarse, the strength and toughness inferior to stainless steel needle, coupled with expensive, less general clinical use。
As for the ordinary needle and iron needle, it is easy due to corrosion, elasticity, toughness and firmness is also poor, except for the needle even outside France, has not used。 Long needle old nine-pin one。
The needle body is longer, typically six to seven inches (corresponding to 20?23 cm) or longer。
Used for deep puncture, treatment of chronic, sciatica。
Large needle tip shaped like a rod, slightly rounded, like sharp needles, 4-inch long。 Disorders of the water vapor has a large residence attending joint needle to drip。 This pin can also be used to Jiuqiao Tom Lee, get rid of the evil section three hundred sixty-five。 The role of several ancient acupuncture points 1, meridians meridians almost throughout our entire body, crisscross, link up and down, we maintain normal physiological functions。 If meridian barrier, human organs because of the loss of warmth Ru Yang, blood blocked, resulting in。
Acupuncture treatment can act as a "getting a vivid, qi and blood" effect。
According to the relationship between the meridians and organs, will have another impact in the acupuncture process, we will select some acupoints, left untreated, can let our meridian flow, operations are measured, blood reconcile, balance of yin and yang。

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