Halloween is coming, how will the twelve constellations spend it?


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Halloween is coming, how do the twelve constellations spend it? Halloween is a traditional festival in the western world, which falls on the 31st of October each year.. In the evening, the children will put on makeup clothes, masks and collect candy from door to door.. Let’s take a look at how the twelve constellations spend Halloween ~ Aries In short, shopping malls are crazy about discounts at this time of year. Without further ado, they just pick up their wallets and go out to crazy Purchasing to be worthy of the discount. What? You asked me what Halloween is for? I don’t know either.   Taurus mama ah all kinds of delicious is not waiting for me? Pumpkin pie, hot Applexi, and toffee apple pie. It doesn’t matter if there is no place to buy these things. You can do it yourself and have plenty of clothes and food..   Gemini Halloween party is definitely not to be missed. Last year, Gemini was a witch. This year, Gemini can consider presenting the most classic ghost image. All kinds of folk legends of Halloween are ready and Address Unknown can begin as soon as they arrive..   Cancer still loves their home most, of course, is to stay at home and watch “Halloween Night” and force some questions (knock on the blackboard! ) and the other half watching horror movies on the soft carpet, even Halloween is sweet..   Leo Halloween is the time to show the king’s charm and become the focus of the audience. The day before yesterday, you started to choose your clothes and went to a professional make-up shop to ask a make-up artist to make up for yourself to become the spotlight of the audience..   The most painful thing for Virgo after Halloween is Virgo. The house after the party is like the disaster area. Virgo who can’t sleep without cleaning will have to work for a while..   Libra is in Pick up hot chicks 365 days a year, struggling to find an excuse to ask young girl to come this Halloween. It’s really a help to me and to pull young girl together, “Wang Zuojie” is still not lonely..   Scorpio’s mysterious Halloween is coming like this. How can you miss this good day for looking into a crystal ball, and all kinds of mysterious friends may patronize and start divination . Sagittarius’ perfectly justified holiday is coming like this happily. “Trick or treat” candy is not important, trick or treat is the top priority for Halloween, and every day is the perfect day.!   Capricorn, while everyone has been to Halloween, I will continue to finish my work perfectly and strive for good results. Next year’s Halloween will be better than this year’s.!   Even if Aquarius took part in the Halloween-themed party, his mood was good at first. In an instant, Aquarius began to sigh with emotion that “loneliness is the loneliness of a group of people” and became a sad poet in seconds. His brain circuit was amazing..   Pisces Halloween has become the tragic “Wang Zuojie” of single dog. Big Pisces without love, what is the meaning of Halloween? You can only watch others show their love in the circle of friends.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

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