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In July, graduation season, when the graduates who are faced with a choice: leave the school, in the end go from here?Some people choose to study section, avoiding the employment pressure; some people choose to apply to major companies, to find a suitable job; there are some people decide to start their own businesses, work for ourselves these choices, in the end which one fits How about you?With further increase employment pressure, since 2005, the state policy to encourage students through a variety of self-employment, in order to ease the employment pressure.However, has been living in an ivory tower university students, can really break some results in the vagaries of the business world do?Self-employment and working for others, in the end which option is right for them it?With the advent of July, students who have graduated out of the campus to the community, which in the end they choose to do it?Let’s take the following four cases, looking for the correct answer, right!Case one: self-employment – employment nowhere to turn, I opened a clothing store (Chengdu Zhang Xiaolei) live appearance: I graduated last year, long before July, the students have been busy looking for work.Let me depressed, I have not been able to find someone willing to hire my unit.Later, I would not want to be someone else to pick to pick, and a family discussion, simply decided to do their own boss.Students say: The best you go to open a clothing store, when our class of female students have to take care of your business, so you need not fear the loss.I think this idea is very good, the next day gave my mother a telephone call, asked her to support me twenty thousand dollars shop.I found, to open a shop is definitely better than the job much simpler, just rent a shop, renovation, purchase, cargo handling, most people cruelly tired.Soon, the mother of twenty thousand dollars, went into what goods, how much gone the rest of the.Students sometimes come take care of business, but they are all just go to work, income is not high and I’m too embarrassed to make the students money, so do not lose money before what kind of statement simply off the mark, everything depends on your own.At first, I also invited the people, then the money flow, however, simply to own more than a dozen hours a day waited at the store.Just a short time, I was tired the whole person lost ten kilograms.I really regret it, a process, not as good as the original share of odd jobs to do work, at least, can it simple to dawdle!Star Rating: ★ Experts: Zhang Xiaolei selected this without any professional characteristics of their own businesses, have lost students held their own professional business advantages, entrepreneurs and ordinary compared to no outstanding competitiveness.Plus because of the lack of social experience, before my own business, no preparatory work any fieldwork like.Therefore, poor entrepreneurial achievements.We believe that this type of blind entrepreneurial behavior, should not be advocated.Case II: working for others – I’m just an ordinary operator (Xi Zheng Shicheng) live appearance: I am a graduate of the previous year in July, a student of the University of Business Administration.Now the employment situation is not very good, until I got the diploma, out of school, I still could not find a satisfactory job.After graduation, I never embarrassed as before asking for a handout to parents.No way, I can only say to get a job doing.I am applying to a chemical company to do an ordinary operator.At first, I was really not the taste, you know those workers who, like me, working on the assembly line, most of them are not well educated people, even some civil affairs bureau or require some help disabled or illiterate arrangements.At that time, I was really kind of feeling of despair, can I worked so hard to read the book so many years, it is to do these illiterates can do the job?However, there is no way reconciled, but also the days go on it!Then do a year’s time, the factory needs to recruit an office clerk, because I know understand the computer, I put the factory tune the past.I’m still constantly looking for new jobs, we do not know when to let me find a piece of gold luminous place, huh!Star Rating: ★★ Experts: professional counterparts can not, of course, difficult to make achievements in the work, but taking into account factors exacerbated the pressure on employment, career employment first and then approach may have merit.In general, this kind of work only a temporary solution in solving the problem of income after, you can then slowly find a more suitable job opportunities.In this way, the one will not cause too much psychological pressure on myself, calmly and slowly looking for; and secondly, can make their own living conditions will not be so hard.This is the current form, a more feasible approach.Case 3: self-employment – special treatment, there are business development (Hangzhou Wu Cheng Min) live appearance: I studied science and engineering, water treatment science, the profession is actually not too difficult to find a job, but are generally various enterprises ordinary analysis, treatment is not high, promising not much.So, after I received a notice hired several companies, it is still very hesitant.Just then, a seniors told me remarks, completely changed my life.The water analysis seniors currently doing work at a water treatment company.He said: This company really make money that way, because this is his main local a business have the technology, so the profits are high.After listening to seniors, I would say one thing: why do not we do it, we do not like to do this business entity, can engage in technical assistance or transfer.After some discussion, I and other students carefully studied the feasibility of this program.First, the industry has a certain professional, competitive pressures will not be much; Second, the company’s information technology investment costs would not be significant; Finally, allow us to quickly put to work in the state after graduation, do not worry about the problem of employment.After a good discussion, we went ahead and the two of us, plus the seniors together, set up a small company.With the help of seniors, we contacted several chemical companies, they are very interested in.Star Rating: ★★★ Experts: highly specialized autonomous business model, so that ordinary people can not be themselves and compete to improve their competitiveness, are a good choice.But pay attention to investment risk and predict costs. In addition, the partnership business model is relatively easy to cause conflict, therefore, a gentleman’s agreement beforehand is necessary so that the first villain, after the gentleman before.Case 4: working for others – to gain experience in order to become successful entrepreneurs (Wuhan Liu Kai) live appearance: Back in school, I may well wish to be entrepreneurs, to work for ourselves.But at the time my father raised objections, he said: You Maotouxiaohuo, do not understand anything, to the community, and certainly being ‘fooled’!See I am not convinced, summer vacation, my father asked a friend asked me to help people in a supermarket counter month to do business.As a result, it really is in the father said, a sly supplier I was cheated.From after that, I served the father, then yes ideal entrepreneur wants, but until then, to make adequate preparations.After graduation, I accepted the position of foreign company operating medical equipment salesman to do.At that time, students are puzzled as to my condition, to which the hospital to be a doctor, no problem.They do not know, I actually wanted to work in the process, learn their management.I am a medical student, many professional medical equipment are aware of, and now professional in this industry is strong, profits are relatively high, I will want to do business in this area.Since I am relatively good at talking, there are strong professional knowledge, but also know how to be flexible man, two years in the market has accumulated a certain customer base, also became sales manager.There are two similar companies are looking for professional headhunters over, I quit digging.In fact, they know that if I quit it, either to allow me to learn more things in place, or is jump to his own company, self-employment.Star Rating: ★★★★ Experts: working for others while his own work in order to gain experience for the future, such an approach, to avoid the risk of a blind entrepreneurship, and secondly, can solve the economic pressure after graduation, etc. contradictions, can be three to calmly prepare for their future business.There are sure of the battle to fight, of course, it is a smart choice.Conclusion: The above four cases, from a different point of view of the different outcomes of different choices after graduation bring to us.In fact, whether working for themselves or working for others, the most fundamental purpose is to make us as soon as possible after graduation to what they have learned into economic income and accumulation of knowledge, and each different individual, there will be different for his choice.Here, we want to say is, if you want to work for yourself, it is best to choose highly specialized or high barriers to entry entrepreneurial projects so that they have learned to use.If you want to work for someone else, the best choice of occupation or professional counterparts where their own interests, so that you can give yourself a better development, and secondly, can upgrade their interest in the work, three to be possible for their future ready to start their own businesses, then again consider the conditions of wages and benefits and the like.After all, we are still young, we still have a long wait for glory years, was put to look further ahead, will have a brighter tomorrow!To recommend the latest information sauna

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