Houston organized by the Chinese Cultural Treasures Exhibition hundred pieces private collection exhibition


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Chinese Consul General in Houston Mrs. Li Qiang people and had visited the exhibits in Hongyan。 Xinhua reporter Liu Liwei She Xinhua Houston October 19 (Reporter High Road) Houston, United States October 18 overseas Chinese cultural treasures exhibition held in China, more than 100 private collections to meet with you。 Visitor Exhibits。 Xinhua reporter Liu Liwei day photo exhibition exhibits include jade, porcelain, bronzes and paintings and so on, covering the years from the Hongshan culture of each period to modern times, history spans thousands of years, the exhibition will last for a week。
One of the exhibition organizers, local collectors because Wu Chao told reporters, these exhibits are from the private collection of Texas Chinese, and some well-known exhibits generations。
Wu works。
Xinhua reporter Liu Liwei photo Chinese Consul General in Houston Min Li Qiang said that the current rapid and stable development of Sino-US relations, overseas Chinese in the United States have an obligation to allow more Americans to know and understand Chinese culture, which for Sino-US relations among major powers to build a new very useful。 Editor: Li Ruichen。

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