What constellation is the fourth of July


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The fourth day of July is Leo. Leo, fire sign, is located in the fifth house of Zodiac. The date of birth is July 23-August 22 in the Gregorian calendar.. Leo is the constellation of kings. They are born with their own aura, independent and domineering. They show their own domineering qualities all the time.. They are generous and magnanimous. They do things simply and cleanly. They are calm and calm when problems arise. They never wriggle or vacillate.. They have natural leadership talent and absolute leadership. Do you want others to follow their own advice and have certain admirers.   Leo is a born heroism, they are optimistic, positive and upward, like to help the weak.. Leo people are persuasive in both talking and doing things, but occasionally they feel proud of themselves, do not easily bow to defeat, and are always confident, self-centered, naturally overbearing, do not allow others to question their own abilities, are arbitrary, arrogant, and like to make decisions..   Leo is enthusiastic and courageous. They are eager to have a vigorous emotion for love.. They have a clear and definite idea about love, they know what they want, they belong to the active side in love, and they will take the initiative to attack the object they like.. The arrogant Leo is willing to condescend to love and respect each other’s preferences, but it doesn’t mean abandoning dignity. once they touch their own bottom line, the Leo people will resolutely leave without nostalgia.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

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