Do not say see you


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Parting figure so sad, is it possible, never see?- Inscription.    Rain, rain, sad to leave.Graduation season, leaves all over the floor, along with a touch of scholarly, aroma and color ink Classmates, graduate students one by one, to leave.In the last group photo in front of his alma mater, the sweetest smile, his eyes sad, but who knows?    On graduation party, put a branch parting song, the students have been affected by the mood is less clear.Talked with a small piece, I felt boring, but now they do not bother to say one hundred.Smile with a smile, tears streaming down.Cried all the students go to the bathroom, finally, this small room full of people.Nightlife boy network, led by a girl you like to jump on a show next week, to see her wearing gold skirts and dancing, like a sunflower bloom, in your heart, do not you have a happy?what?You said you sad?Do not be sad, miss, miss is a lifetime.If in the future you met, maybe not recognize each other here.    Girl, boy you like to cook a pot of soup, and let him finally taste your craft.Or happy to see him drink it or touching look, you are very excited is not it?what?You say you do not have the heart?Do not have the heart, and this is the only opportunity to miss, it is ten years, or even longer.At that time, he drank another woman to his soup, but how good you are not as.    How to do, I could not bear to you, alma mater!To away, but step back.Looking at that big old building, carrying our memories.Perhaps we were very painful, very upset, but after all, passed, and now we are reluctant, is not it?The last time it embrace your classmates.Perhaps the time will be in a cup after cup of strong coffee watered down, but our friendship forever lingers!At the end of the graduation season, we do not say goodbye!    Do not say see you!We are the only rely on each other.Journey to the community, we are interdependent on the other side said: “Hey, I met you, nice!”

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