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Not long ago at the mall fancy a pair of very nice shoes, but had enough money, he begged the owner can bend the rules for me to stay a few days.Unexpectedly, a few days later when I moved west to the east carries scrape together the money and excitement to get there, that pair of shoes long gone, and even shopkeepers have changed.I feel very frustrated, very sorry.Aggrieved that there is a feeling of being cheated, which led me these days has been a favorite pair of shoes, unfortunately, just let a good thing from the side quietly floated away, not even the only owner were able.    So many things in life.Good things only slightly played in front of a snap of his fingers, the only side along with flash together disappeared.Perhaps it is the angel of throwing a hydrangea, across the platform every life, there is a struggle to find the right home.So, can not be casually in the day nap, or just casually hesitate harbor.This casual attitude to life disgust.So we will get something casually threw those casual life.And when they nap or hesitation, put good things pass with them.When will they be Huangwu why, know how to chase a better Gone.Eye can only regret the tears his mouth, a helpless expression, bad fate sigh of despair, sigh call themselves miss.So after symbolically drop a few drops of tears of regret, but also caught the fate of hatred, the self completely closed to one shackles.Simply narcissistic, but you can not enjoy the sweet times.But in the gloomy patch of sky, or there was a fire in the lonely road across the.With them hope, longing for the moment to meet all of their display in front of those who stand by.They are looking forward to a warm destination, and see it is just a cold back, but unfortunately only continue across.So, the reason is not the fate let us miss a lot of good, but just our own, let go of those good.(Sauna News .SanWen.COM) good things may be just a moment in the life of the flash, when you see the flash only have time to prepare, you have no time left.These things can carry only know how to wait for their happy life.They made for this moment well prepared, or in the dark of night began to march in the vast journey, looking far and the upcoming Meet the beautiful sky, listening to the sound of shoes, clogs, is a step toward a better step out happy journey.Their hand rough, his voice hoarse, clothes may be worn out, but they finally reached the intersection, in front of the beautiful blossoms early in the current moment there began teasing sincere and sacred watch.So they got it, then carefully carry the better side in the.They not only know how to wait, know how to cherish.    And these people do not do?Many are still concerned about the hearts miss a moment of thinking with beautiful flowing touched.In thinking about how they are going to arrive, in the moment of palpable, he has dragged helplessly watching the beautiful spark of the lives of others to draw sky.Looking back on that lingered in the loss of self-righteous happy mood, you can touch in the beautiful instant sense of moving.But, but there are a few good things in these memorable when hurried across the.And this time, they even did not leave the opportunity to witness the.Like one pair of lovers parted, originally intended to go to leave, and to leave the people have been thinking about leaving.Good things across time, they can only be seeing the distressed.    So think about exactly why?Good angels actually long been on the reasons for those across the fire, the beautiful people miss not even miss the reasons they went out of the.Until sad angel tears dripping, dripping ignorant heart, someone finally read out of the opening of: beauty rather lonely all the way across the open man without a watchman in the sky, it will not just fall on the poor and not know how to cherish hearts.Even if planning all the way to the limit of its life.It is not the wind falling rain, as long as the hand will be able to get.It is to be completed after a difficult journey, standing as tarried about the intersection, the only responded with a knowing smile, pleased falling.So let’s heart remained awake, began his journey in a gloomy patch of sky, do not miss the beautiful, as long as you believe they trek a sincere look.

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