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Part One: Do not miss the dry season of high school life school that year, my undergraduate college entrance examination scores from a 10-point difference, because college voluntary reporting was not right, I completely fallen off the.Life suddenly became very dim, school time to see someone else carrying large bags happily boarded the train bound for college, my mood is bad to the extreme.At home all day to sleep, get up later wanted to do nothing, put on a pair of gloves, facing the plane trees in the yard frantically practicing boxing.  This day and after a period of time, a few months does not seem to leave, I looked bored, he said to his father: “I am with you now work in the fields.”My father looked at me, a little surprised, and then said:” Well, go to it in some fresh air.Cold weather, our house is the sweet potato is also planing.Let it work in the fields together.”Backs tools, pushed the car, we went to the slope of the sweet potato.My home sweet potatoes are on the hills, there is a large half an acre, a small but only half of our top of the hill in a piece of sweet potato to dry opened.  An active muscles, stretch the body feel a lot.While on the plane a lot of sweet potatoes.However, my family’s land a bit special, two high, middle concave.We there is a serious water shortage in the region, to the middle of the sweet potato leaves, also appears to have been a late autumn lush, unfortunately, like all little like eggs from sweet potato dig underground, the two places in the sweet potato was actually bigger in size it is, and in my experience, if you want to process, then this sweet potato flour yield is the highest.  I was very puzzled: “in two places but never save rain water, then dry, how long the sweet potato is also so good; the middle ground is relatively moist, leaves all very well, but the fruit can be too bad.”Father look at me puzzled look, seriously said to me:” Boy, You do not understand it.When most vigorous growth of sweet potato is precisely where our dry season, especially less rain.Because the sweet potato two absorbing more moisture than it Pinmingdiwang underground drilling, the leaves grow least the minimum; although the more sweet potato intermediate moisture absorption, but this kind of thing drought go sweet potato, a water multi-but only leaves the fruit not long.”My father paused, looked at me and said:” ah, like people, have a sad Kaner, has its own dry season, the key is to look at how you grow up.The more the dry season, the more the fruit of a long time, the more we should strive tied to their roots.Boy, this simple truth is that I wanted to tell you, but unfortunately also how you turn, but turn to.”I did not expect the usual fumble father actually can tell so profound truth, in the late autumn of sweet potato ground, I learned in the classroom books to school less than knowledge.  That winter, I went back to school to repeat, successfully passed the second year of a university.Whenever encounter difficulties and setbacks, discrimination, and even the failure of the shadow, I will think of the words of his father, then told myself: Do not be afraid, when people who have not had it during the dry season!The more the dry season, the more I want to perseverance, absolutely determined, not a chance to grow in life miss any dry season.    Part II: walk, passing through, do not miss.Walking down the street, you can often be heard coming from a roadside stall at this sentence: “passing through not to miss.”.Every heart there is an indescribable feeling, like a “truth” deeply impact the human heart.Net nightlife person’s life, how many walked away, passing through many places, in which the number of harvest, lost how many; how much, and how many have missed.Of right and wrong was wrong, it was lost gains and losses, the total makes it difficult to weigh, and perhaps this is life, lose too will really know how to cherish and have.But, some things can not be missed once and then again, so when we have the “opportunity” to rub shoulders, they should be caught, and then walked over to Mo back, often “changed everything off.” gone nowhere to be found.  Remember there are a small thing, but also gave me a great feeling.Once out shopping to see a very favorite clothes, was going to buy, because the body can be brought costs is not enough, they thought, to buy the next time your salary..Has already been bought again a few days when I did not see, called merchants get another says has no supply.So they turn to major shopping malls, looking for a lot of places still get the job.Then naturally very upset, thinking I had known then borrow money borrowed to buy the first.After this incident also, if the heart after a study want to do, I will “immediately” put into practice even what the cost.Because, sometimes “a little” hesitation between your “second thoughts” may be “forever” to miss, and finally left only “regret” and “regret”.  Look at the people around them every day to make a living running a hurry, and when something too much on material things occupy our living space, Zhiai our progress; when the weight of the burden of the pressures of life of people going out of breath when we chase began to drift more and more, few people would have stayed a mind to appreciate everything around.Every day the sun is beautiful, can because of its ordinariness, it can be easily overlooked.We always kept chasing, running, dreaming in front of a better and more beautiful scenery waiting for us, but forgot roadside flowers and grass a tree a wood, blue sky and white clouds, the mountains, the same is so cute valuable, worthy of us to cherish.  When we have a goal to strive for, we never set eyes on in there, no longer difficult to walk away.Thus, there are many things we missed when passing through, especially when we climb to the peak but no end and back, then you just do not miss your ideals, as well as, the original has been lingering in your side, so ordinary yet so precious things, also inadvertently flee from you.When you think back to re-pick up along the way has long been without trace, others had had you wait, will not wait for you now live, lost years with some signs of life will never again be repeated.  The resulting insignificant, lost unforgettable!!!  Either you no amount of fame and fortune, wealth and status, but also do not sell back lost youth, away from love, those memories belong to the time of.This scene may be to recall, but was already casting haze of confusion also.  Much good to say a word, do not miss passing through really, when you see something you want, when you should immediately buy even what it costs, do not wait until the next time you come back to patronize conditional, you can hold in your hand, it was only those surfaces pale bill, with a little bit of money that remaining “poor” warmth warmth of your hands, but it is “bleak” when the wind escape Falling leaves tumble.  I remember once took a friend sent me a piece of information, he said two things in life can not be missed: the last one home, car and loves you.Feel so right justified, it can become the truth.  The former refers to the family, in one’s life, the family is essential.When we drift back and forth outside the home, it is always the biggest worry our minds, are wandering warm haven.Unfortunately, when we make a living and busy time, gradually it ignores the care of their loved ones and expectations, and even missed the train was the last one home, miss their loved ones worry and disappointment.And our heart has failed to get much comfort, regardless of success or failure or not we.  Beyond the pale in hunting, must come to no effort.I look back, you will find that home forever in the dim light, indeed, touches our most sensitive and vulnerable feelings.The latter refers to love, but also the essential of life.When you see everything rise and fall, when you traveled thousands of miles, when people around one by one away from you, you will find only the person who loves you, had been standing waiting for you, always at your side, never far from.Life, a rare intimate love, accompany you to the end of life, which is something you treasure yet?  Looking back, these two things, you may have been missed, there is no chance to regain?Or are rubbing shoulders, can have a good grasp timely?Car and who loves you the last one home, where.Passing through, do not forget, there is sunshine all the way with your actions, you should feel good; passing through, do not forget, there is a flower open for you, must promptly picking; passing through, do not forget, there are blessings all the way to warmth, to collect this love footprints; passing through, do not forget that ordinary people always give you the most moving, you can not remain indifferent; passing through, do not forget, the other with warm hands hands, let the temperature in the hands of the transmission, the world will no longer have a cold presence; .Through the mountains and rivers, at the foot of a high and low; experienced ups and downs, or to searching; more or less won and lost points drip; life is busy, it is important to grasp and cherish.  Passing through, do not miss, in your life caused by shake and timely collection, this temperature mind.Capture life’s most precious things, with us all the way forward, Love and passion.

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