Do not mess with craftsmen


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Early Republic of China, Lu Zhongyi has a rich town called Li Tianxiang, he was a businessman in name, in fact, poly grain walled bandits behind the boss.He lived walls of the compound, the armed thugs fed home-care hospital, with its own towers, dozens of outstretched fast gun towers, the officials are afraid of him.  The town has three sworn craftsmen: blacksmith Wang Taigui, Li Erwa carpenter, mason Zheng three guns.Triple and Li Tianxiang no disputes this, but why Li Tianxiang wildly drunk on the market, the kick Tisi’s father Wang Taigui.For him, just as the people trampled to death Tisi small ants, he was afraid they make trouble, they asked the men, just pay some money, and if Wang Taigui dare to make trouble, he had a good clean up.  Wang Taigui with Li Erwa, Zheng three guns and she came to the door, but Li Tianxiang conditions beyond expectations.Wang Taigui suggested that Lee is big, can not be a charity lijiacun old elm trees in the South, he allowed himself to be a good father to play mouth coffin.After listening to Li Tianxiang, snorted, waved be agreed.  A few days later, Li Tianxiang drink with a few guns entourage return.Passing Wang Taigui family, which came to hear the sound of banging, he went into a corner of the yard Wang Taigui.I saw Wang Taigui being helped Li Erwa dry carpenter, old elm tree into small beams have been repaired generally smooth, cut has become a major segment, also saw a large split in half child, holding a chisel Li Erwa Trench is half on wood.  Li Tianxiang asked Wang Taigui: big expensive, you are not talking with old elm my home to your father beat you coffin?How your father are buried on this elm is still here?Wang Taigui lukewarm to say: so hot, wait until the coffin is finished, people can smell the.Let the old man hastily buried, until five of the seven offerings, give the elderly to fight the system and put a new coffin.  On the way back, Li Tianxiang grew more and more wrong: hit the coffin, the solution should be wood into boards fishes, how they put logs split in half, it was still in Trench profile?Gang by the name of the beast to beat his father’s coffin to the elm, which eight are labeled as furniture secretly make money ah!Li Tianxiang grew more and more gas, he sent home a few hand down to Wang Taigui ask questions.  Little hour, several of his men back, led by Li Tianxiang said: master, Wang Taigui damn beast is that a few poor pay attention, said he wanted his father to make a coffin, it is a large coffin also sets a semicircle cover a small coffin, trenching is to fight coffin made of semi-circular cover it.  Li Tianxiang waved his hand and said: Well, anyway, he gave elm tree, and let them go poor toss.Nine mountain pit, I heard there’s so much noise riots powerful beast trouble, you guys notice the mountains, to watch out, then there are the towers to be vigilant on the point.  The men boldly said: Master, beast downtown riots, we have seen several times, holding a hoe, pole, at most, there are a few shots fowling piece, soil guns, is come, facing nothing if the big walls hospital thick iron gate, that is 鸡蛋碰石头.  Li Tianxiang nodded and said through clenched teeth: Well said, we have something here, out of the signal, the mountain brothers soon arrived, collaborated with a clean kill him!  Said go, nine mountain pit there came the news more and more terrible riots farmers grab possessions landlord Lao Cai, burn their deeds, there are several landlord Lao Cai also killed.Li Tianxiang hear this, we strengthened security to ensure foolproof.  A few days later, nine Shankeng rebels really immediate concern of the Li Tianxiang home.However, the face Li Tianxiang home a strong defense and intensive fire, rebel army ranks alone a few shots fowling piece, soil guns, to no avail.Li Tianxiang holding Hezi Bao see on riot squad towers in the distance are constantly like, I feel funny, you roll with iron speaker shouted: beast brothers, Lee Courtyard we have nothing to give to you, and can only be used bullet entertain you, or go somewhere else begging it.After listening to his men are laughing toward the distant firing demonstrations.  If this continues, do not support the hill brethren down, say, Li Tianxiang also fear the rebels will be a fraud, the people who made the mountains in the natured trick, therefore, he did not send a distress signal to the mountains.  At night, a few rebels near the dark delusions, were on sentry towers blocking back.Li Tianxiang tour again, safely back to the house to sleep.Midnight, a sudden sound earth-shattering gunfire sounded, Li Courtyard sturdy iron gate was instantly blew open.Rebel by smoke explosion, burst into the courtyard Lee.  Terrified of Li Tianxiang not figure out where the rebels out of the cannon it, people have been rounded up yard.Careless retainers also floundered, flee.  Li Tianxiang see something in the underground passage opened the door under the bed, with a few followers escaped and returned to the mountains.Li Tianxiang think the first question is in shock: the beast had to go get it cannon?  A day later, a scout ran up to the foot of the report, said Li Courtyard blew open the gates of the cannon is Wangda Gui, Li Erwa they made the old elm wood gun.They would have secretly and mob nine Shankeng of collusion on the.  Li Tianxiang staring eyes, nose pointing to the spies say: fart, old elm how can build cannons?Blind Lie Lie beast who you believe!Spies vowed that day: classic, sure enough, we do not see Li Erwa Trench profile on you, where is playing the coffin lid ah semicircle, two and a half dug a trench together, is barrel.I heard that Wang Taigui played twenty-four metal hoop, the hoop tight barrel.Zheng three guns that mason, studied the stone-made gunpowder explode, he was responsible for explosives and artillery fill gravel, iron and other projectiles, the muzzle cotton, mud plugged lit fuse, you will be able to fire.The three beast conspire together, put our doors to ripped.  Li Tianxiang angry spies a slap in the face: do-nothing, do go early, build cannons such a big thing, you did not realize!Spies grumbled: his mother, who knows wood also made cannon ah!  Just when Li Tianxiang afraid the rebel army to attack the cottage, the mountain came the news.Because the official mobilization of the militia and other armed siege, the rebels in the town of barely fast.Li Tianxiang overjoyed and immediately led the men down the mountain afterwards!  Rebels attack can not stand, and soon dismissed.Heavy wooden gun also placed in front of the home of Wang Taigui, wooden guns have been filled with ammunition, muzzle also been corked, it is estimated that no time to ignite the lead, it was beats off.  Looked at the dilapidated appearance of their own courtyard, looked at Wang Taigui doorstep new pending farmers and saving the nation Yishan Division of wooden sign, Li Tianxiang, not from one to, ordered his men: I turned to muzzle, so that beast tile without leaving home!  And Li Tianxiang, as his men played the gun, but the gun never played, want to look at it more rare, a lot of people stopped their ears, waiting to see how the royal wooden guns boom grass house heaven.  Li Tianxiang personally lit the fuse, fuse braved the flames burned up, and before Li Tianxiang back three steps away, bang, wood bore gun burst, Li Tianxiang and numerous followers bombed on the day.It turned out that the gun is Wang Taigui they deliberately left behind, bore already been stuffed with explosives, the muzzle is rounded wedge dead, sealing the outside and cotton and mud.Li Tianxiang I do not know the ins and outs, it will explode bore.

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