White House: will be worth $ 60 billion Chinese imports tariffs


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Trump。 Overseas Network March 23, according to the Associated Press and a number of foreign media reports, 22 local time, US President Trump signed a presidential memorandum aimed at China, "intellectual property infringement", and includes the value of US $ 60 billion (US RMB 100 million) of imports from China to levy tariffs。 The report also said the White House expects the new tariffs could affect about 1300 imports of goods from China。 According to Xinhua News Agency earlier reported that 301 investigations in the United States' Trade Act of 1974 "in a clause。
According to the regulations, the United States Trade Representative may be foreign law, policy or practice investigation, in consultation with the countries concerned, and decide whether to raise tariffs, import restrictions, to stop the implementation of relevant agreements and other retaliatory measures。 2017 August 18, the US Trade Representative's office confirmed to China started 301 investigations, mainly for legal policy and technology transfer, intellectual property and innovation-related or practices。
"The findings may resort to the WTO ruling, but can not unilaterally impose sanctions。 If the United States is not to solve the problem through the WTO, trade protectionism is unilateralism is a violation of WTO principles。 "Foreign Economic and Trade University professor, said Tu Xinquan。
Lee Wing view, if the United States to take unilateral protectionist measures, not only the influence of China Association of International Trade in the United States and Europe Economic Co-Chair of Strategic Research Center, China and the US economy, but also produce bad demonstration effect, and thus disrupt the international economy order。 The US government's actions met with opposition from the United States industry。 Many US companies and associations generally expressed concerns over the US unilateral action, there are 45 American Association clearly stated objections。 China's high tariffs on some products is expected to become the main content of restrictive measures, which is also considered one of the means to reduce the US trade deficit of hope。
Experts said the US trade deficit to form complex reasons related to their economic development level and industrial structure。 The formation of trade deficit is not a day, but can not suddenly be resolved through coercive measures。
301 acts against the United States soon to be released survey results, the Ministry of Commerce official, 22, he said China firmly opposes the US trade protectionism and unilateralism such acts。
Will never sit idle legitimate rights are being infringed, will take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard their legitimate rights and interests。
For Sino-US trade issues, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying at a regular press conference 21, said the nature of Sino-US economic and trade relations are mutually beneficial and win-win, should not fight a trade war between China and the US, but if someone non to force us to fight, then we will not be afraid, two will not hide。 Hua Chunying stressed that if the United States finally to take action damage the interests of China, the Chinese side will take firm and necessary counter measures to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests。
According to earlier reports, March 22, 2018, Chinese Ministry of Commerce issued Notice No. 29 of 2018, published on paper imports originating in the EU, US and Japan anti-dumping final review investigation ruled that the decision since 2018 from May 23 to continue the implementation of the above-mentioned anti-dumping measures for a period of 5 years。 (Comprehensive encoding / overseas network Zhang Shen) This article is copyright works without authorization is forbidden。 Overseas perspective, China's position, landing official website of People's Daily Overseas Edition – overseas network or "Hacker" client access to authoritative information one step ahead。

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