Do not make excuses for failure


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In life, it is inevitable there will be a variety of failures, some people attributed to the failure of all his body, negative treatment.For example, their own long not handsome, no money and so on; some people have failed all onto others or have many reasons to defend themselves, say a bad chance, nervous, did not sleep well, etc..Serious shortage of confidence in the results of the former, an encounter failure, I found myself anxious, and then encounter a major blow to commit suicide suicide.While the latter looks and their own failure has nothing to do, in fact, he was afraid to face their own mistakes, cover up their own mistakes contributed to this unhealthy, not the root cause, success will always pass you by.Imagine a doctor, if not the right to diagnose your condition, then how can recover it in your body disease.    So, how to treat it properly fails, it is my understanding, I think, first of all to put themselves in mind, victory or defeat is common sense, win without pride, lose with grace.Secondly, 要一分为二 look at failure, it is necessary to find out subjective reasons, but also to distinguish objective reasons.Seek truth from facts, not too pessimistic, difficult to think of a mountain that he will never be crossed.Do not be too confident, thinking that any difficulties in front of their own are pediatrics.Finally, considering, developing a set of effective measures against themselves, and then take action.Of course, it is best to listen to the recommendations of some successful people, so their success will go a long way.    Some people go to work in the factory, because they are thinking about college students than those junior high, high school, knows more, but once the actual operation of those machines is very strange, far less educated and skilled operation, why, in fact, the idea of beginning college students who are wrong, they position themselves in a high position, thinking their qualifications lower than those educated, unrealistic expectations, the theory that good choices, usually not even the courage to know that the machine do not touch, a operate, naturally do not listen to their beck and call.And those with low education, keen to practice, the regular operation of the machine, the saying goes, practice makes perfect, they operate naturally handy.When confronted with some of the less educated ridicule, some students feel humiliated, he said, that does not blame me, these are my professional counterparts, if I were a professional, you sure as I.I think this idea is to find an excuse for the failure, since leaving school, has entered a new position, you should start from scratch and do a good job, do not know to ask, not because of the face, his those errors are not objective reasons, but his lack of practice.If he can practice better, he will be on those machines operate handy.    Now, there are some people in order to improve their skills, often look at some aspects of professional books, but when confronted with specific problems, or fail, the reason is the lack of practice only theory with practice, it is the way to success.Failure is not terrible, horrible thing is that those who make excuses for failure, because success is their opportunity to own hands to ruin.

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