Do not live in their own fantasy world


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Love a person, I hope that person is also equally love yourself.For a good, but also we hope that he (she) is as good as their own.People love to live in their own fantasy world, a fantasy for a long time their favorite people, would one day like to own.When you love a person does not love you, you do not want to give up hope that their sincerity touched him, but, finally, he has done everything for you, except to say he grateful to you outside, I will not give you any hope. Anything in the world there is not a fair place, you as someone dreaming, worrying about, you fancy he may think of you, too, worry about you, your sad sad.But I wonder if her heart did not care about you, or in another person’s grief and sorrow.When he smiled on you, or say hello to you, or meal with you, or even chat, you are a little naive to think that if he likes himself.In fact, these are self-good fantasy.I have been thinking about the question of whether people really and a dislike themselves or their favorite people friends.Once, I thought I could.But slowly I discovered this is just a wishful thinking.Reality is not so.You treat him as a friend, for example, discuss the problem or laugh, might give him some hope or whatever misunderstanding.This relationship, even if you think you behaved no matter how dull, at how normal his friends, everything will become normal. People love to get things they want or favorable direction to think, that someone wants to get the same in return they pay.When one day, when the man holding another person’s hand appear in front of you, all illusions are shattered, though he said he does not like you had to you, you have been unwilling to accept, until now you only have to face reality.Then endless sad and disappointed. For love, people want fair, for friendship, people also want equality, or have had possession of hope. You put a person as a best friend, you must ask him to put you as a best friend, this is a possessive.Friendship is good medicine is not a burden, not a couple of friends are partners.Can not afford to dream too much, you can not be too selfish, or else it will only lead to rupture and sorrow. Fast 22 years old, 22 years in addition to eating meals outside, thought also matured a lot.Often I think some of the problems, analyze some human emotional entanglements.See something, do not let these feelings gradually disrupt yourself, every day in their own little private world, lived a carefree life of their own.Although this one to others bring sadness and heartbreak.In addition to the gratitude and sorry, I can do nothing.(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) hope my friends, an early departure from the whirlpool.Love yourself, love your family a little more.Learn to give up decisively, and then to pursue other goals.For a good man, not too much luxury.In order to protect their own selfish.Sometimes without pay in return.Happily living each day.fighting!

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