Do not lie, get promotion


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Text / Zhaoyuan Bo Lu Zongdao teachers when Prince Emperor Song, the honest people, honest life.On one occasion, something Shinshu summoned him, so he sent for his palace.Unexpectedly, Lu Zongdao being in the hotel and guests to drink, and revelry is strong, such as banquet scattered before the palace to see the emperor.Someone reminded him that: You have come too late, the emperor will blame you, quickly think of any excuse perfunctory about it.Lu Zong Road, said: drink, is human nature to deceive the monarch, is the following guilty, guilty Qijunzhizui, is greater than the courtiers.How can they tell lies to deceive the emperor of it?Then enter the palace, Shinshu really asked him why he was late, Lu Zong Road, said: have a relative from afar, drink a few glasses together with him, so arrived late.Shinshu laugh, and to be honest for Zongdao is very remarkable, that he is a talent, do a high official, so he penned wrote on the wall: Lu Aiqing jobs in politics to be a.Lies in the open not brilliant flowers, Lu Zongdao not lie, say what is what, and thus get the emperor’s confidence that he can put affairs entrusted to him.In fact, the same way in life, you are honest, people will be sincere phase newspaper.When you get the confidence of others, you will get a key to the door to success.

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