Do not let yourself lost in the crowd


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Water most likely to disappear in the water, the people most likely to disappear in the crowd!First time I saw this sentence, did not have any deep understanding.Now somewhat smaller cognitive.We hate or dislike a certain person, but ironically, we have chosen to become what we hate it!We hate others for their own acrimony, because the hearts of angry, then the more vicious words to attack them; we hate it when people do not reach out when they need help, but when someone needs help, but to abruptly step back; we hate people who do not respect others, others because they can wrong number when others took the stage and shouted without considering the feelings of others; we hate to be someone else to judge by appearances; but with tinted glasses to look at others ; we hate the kind of vanity girls, but in this bustling world, chasing terms of material things too much, forget nourish the soul!I’m not saying do not pursue a better material things, and talk about spiritual matter aside, it is not realistic, a little fantasy, and do not!But the spirit should be synchronized, it should be a leading!Good things, people will go to pursue, without exception,.    In this look at the face of the era, more and more people care about their appearance, who never pay attention to, do not care, have now become important friends.A person, do not be conceited, but at least must have self-confidence, we are not required to have a very, but must have at least nine points, low self-esteem can not be.In my eyes she was not a nice person, then, if she has low self-esteem, it would only do the ugly duckling, confident demeanor Should she have a generous tolerance, although she can not become a white swan, we can certainly lived up to the life, live own wonderful, to find their own happiness.I always believe that I must be the most beautiful and confident in me, and confidence can make more people appreciate you, more often ignoring your weaknesses, because they focus on your flash at!So boldly lift up your head and let your eyes speak!A man her shoes is broken, the day she was restless, always thought that people around staring at her feet, rationally think about it, how could?And she also disturbed a day, thoughts are on the shoes, but also to prevent others found too awkward to hide all day.The story tells us: people always to the disadvantage magnify himself, in short, this is better than in their own eyes the reality to be much worse.People often too much emphasis on other people’s eyes, and let yourself uncomfortable.People who love you, even if you called him nothing, he can find the bright spot, then good people, no matter how perfect, is also not in his eyes and you half points!Not lovers eye of the beholder stories do?Our lives are often appearance Association, but the real love is not the end of time that the so-called face, but with each other to stay together, tolerance and understanding, staying with each other is the character of the run, enjoy!    Do not envy what others have, often think they own Thanksgiving, do not always see the strengths of others complaining about their weaknesses.World has always been unfair, you know you are not satisfied with yourself, you may be the envy of most people, some people are born with everything, watched by the people, some people are born to nothing, penniless, unfortunately, you are not the former, lucky you nor the latter, born in general very common, but the most successful birth are probably true, but the real ordinary and extraordinary is living out on your own.

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