Do not let the weak blinded soul


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Nobel Prizes announced.It is said that the Nobel Prize from Bengbu close, because the Nobel Prize in Chemistry laureate Eric White Zige, described as a “son of Bengbu”.Because his wife Gina, who is a native of Bengbu.Gina primary school in Daqing Road, Bengbu elementary, middle and high schools are enrolled in Bengbu in a.Gina after high school enrolled in the Department of Chemical Physics, University of Science and Technology of China.For this reason, online pictures display, a middle school through the school Bengbu electronic screen, hit the “I warmly congratulate the school son Eric White Zige won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry” message.    ”Bengbu son” was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, so be on the big screen to play a secondary school, gives a deep shock.Shocked to teaching in schools can escape responsibility have such a sense of humor, shocked at the audacity of school leaders.Regardless of whether Eric winners have direct contact with the school, even if there is, how can it be due to a moment of vanity “son-winning” Lift your humble words of?Blinded by vanity to refrain from the heart, will make this really be attributed to human nature.    Marie Curie said: “I want kids to know that honor this stuff, just toys that can only play, not too much focus on it, if guarding it forever, it will not amount to anything.”Those who were full of the world’s master was able to achieve great success, because the they are no distractions, preoccupied with doing their own research, giving them the honor just outside the clouds Bale.When the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced the Nobel Prize in Chemistry laureate of the moment, when he was 67-year-old award-winning Israeli scientist Avram being playing in the water playing with grandchildren.After learning the good news, he said very calmly told reporters: “I never expected I would be candidates for the Nobel Prize in chemistry, did not expect to get an award.I most enjoy is the fun and grandchildren playing in the water together.”(Sauna News .SanWen.COM) Chern said: “I have no ambition to learn reading, just like math, if one’s goal is fame and fortune, math is not a shortcut.”When a person has a mind lofty goals, willing to dedicate, when faith worth dying for, he will take humility to fame, indifferent attitude.When Chern went to Hong Kong to receive the first “Shaw Prize” and found those old clothes closet for many years he was recruited insects, so he made the first suit since returning home.He was wearing a new suit, the name of the old tie, wearing someone else’s shoes on the podium.When Chern treat time as gold, willing to loneliness, fame and fortune, no smell of, obsessed with knowledge, his spirit and character that we can learn.    Chuang Tzu said: “Heaven and earth have great beauty without words, four seasons have clear law without discuss all things without success, said Li.”Recently, in a place of Jilin Green had spent a green plastic sample instead of the real plant.Fame, vanity, hypocrisy is a feature of human nature in scalable.Do not know what kind of person in the eyes of the authorities and the mentality to deceive the eyes of the majority of pedestrian.Fame and fortune, but also a sincere humility should become a feature of human nature in scalable.With money in a materialistic society where, once lit the fuse of the pursuit of fame and fortune, the pursuit of fame and fortune of the whole society will explode like atmosphere changes.    Have to take it lightly, lost in stride, not pleased, not to have compassion, work attentively, entrepreneurs go all out, not into temptation, do not drop the custom, has this attitude of people to do big business, a big achievement, annals, shine through the ages.Do so blinded by vanity mind, let attributed to the true human nature.

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