Do not let the “Online gentleman” to meddle in our “spiritual home”


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The rapid development of modern science and technology, and carries out the colorful, vibrant, diverse, wide variety of network environment.Flowing in this virtual environment with strange thoughts, filled with good and evil, truth and pretense, essence and dross.Here, the fact and fantasy in parallel, in the same talk with Sapo, coaching and abetting dance, paladin and hacking contest.Can be described as bustling, the development of its law prevails, voicing compatible, people overwhelmed, refused refused wins.In a network environment for us to create unlimited wealth of knowledge base, but also to our “spiritual home” launched a frenzied challenge eroded style.    Is not it?Those “Online gentleman” than the “thief” is much more subtle, much more subtle, much more cruel, if you are free online, too easy to be dazzled by them, lose fooled, gutter capsize, to your spiritual home Mongolia on the haze, put your mind to pull the fall, make you depressed, thinking landslide, immoral, outrageous behavior.    How to deal with?!I believe that a positive attitude is the key, not to let “the gentleman online” talons into our holy “spiritual home”!    We have reached this consensus, if you are following the mentality of people who advise you not online, otherwise, only court their victims: ● the mentality of those erosion, would like to see the “yellow net” in the end how “yellow “people!    ● Those suffering from depression, thought cursed a pass online, plan a vent for quick people!    ● Those who enjoyed days, like in the online “QQ” out of a “Lover”!    ● those self-deception, like the Internet to steal other people’s money, confidential people!    ● Those bored, want the Internet to seek sustenance, mixed with a substantial man!    ● those who are up to no good, like online sabotage, hackers play gunmen!    .If you want the “yellow eye test”, that is, “to defy the law”, eventually subject to moral condemnation, punished by law!    If you want to “vent as fast”, that is “self-won troubles” will only end up anti eclipse the rice gained nothing, but to be a target for abusive and incompetent in the end, it can only be accompanied by intensified repression!    If you want to “seduce lover”, that is “play with fire”, the best results can only drop a “double-double defeat deficit” in the end!    If you want to “steal online rich”, that is, “confessed”, you can only play a “highly intelligent low-energy children,” the clown, sooner or later, the Public Security Bureau will invite you to “guest”!    If you want to “mix a substantial”, that is, “into the valley,” so that you lost and difficult to return, spiritual death, will eventually become a “walking dead” only!    If you want “system San virus” undermine the network order, paralysis others machines, denied the information of others, willing to dry those wicked, wicked deeds, you will eventually be in the “Why not own this little ability to serve the network construction” of regret sound, the self-cast “Ecstasy sword,” piercing the throat, alas killed!    .If you are a heart sunshine, people specializing in surgery industry, and welcome you into the “green site”.There, you can enjoy breathing, Ji Yang, exchange, charging, let your mind sun brighter, more extraordinary professional skills.So carefully you will become wider, more brilliant mind, soul and more brightly!    If you are a willing to help the poor, there are kind-heartedness of the people, you are welcome into the “charitable website”.There fervently with your love, sincerity and wisdom, help those who need assistance, you will therefore become more kind, more straightforward, more unrestrained!    If you are a chest Yun coup, unrestrained passion of the people, you are welcome into the “contend Site”.Where you can spread the joy Sound of Music, criticized the false evil ugly, to promote the network moral contribute.You will therefore become more smug, more just, more beautiful!    If you are seeking a passion, the courage to climb the people welcome you into “research site”.Where you can fluttering Swagger, Chang Chang gallop, at odd flower, cultivate “infinite in the awesome scenery,” the inclination.You will therefore become bitter for the music to the song when the bitter, bitter won seok!    If you are a free and easy and elegant, Yaran Yin Jun who welcome you into “thinking Site”.Where you can rest freely chat, comment ancient theory today, said middle west, to show you men of letters aloof style.You will therefore become immortal like Buddha, like day official, like mountains!    If you are a confused, dazed anxious person, you are welcome into the “enlightened Site”.Where you can put down the burden, open-minded, to solve the question, listen to the teachings, stepped out of misunderstanding, to experience the “mountain darkly, vista” suddenly.So let you become a regular change color, led the way, indomitable!    .In short, if you want to “Upstream” was honorable, upright, Zhang received freely, we must have a positive attitude, determined not to play “network specter” but the music is “online Angel”, so networks is substantial migration your “spiritual home”, so that the negative impact of the network of drifting away your empty heart goodness.And effectively “network food skillfully capture, fully reject harmful information.Self-protection alarm bells hanging engine, to find the true meaning of the virtual world.Firewall also cautious, page views the rule of taste.Quick mention mental cultivation, growing cast magnificent sonorous!”

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