Do not let the good in the destruction of the secular


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Do not let the destruction of a better life in a secular family, there are a lot of good things, we need to use a better state of mind to enjoy; on the contrary, always with a secular vision, mentality swing is not correct, do not know how to appreciate beauty, to maintain the United States, then the better It can easily be destroyed.    TV series “divorce agreement” There are so few details are evident.”Rich handsome” high Ye Ping, married the general appearance in elegant, in elegant indeed a good wife, serve even the elderly nuanced, but the father of high Hengyuan did not appreciate, always making things difficult for elegant, because want their old friend’s daughter when the daughter leaves the Philippines, this idea has been the perfect match of the father doing some outrageous things to.This love is sexual gratification, the shoes are fit, only feet know, however, the idea of parents always with old eyes, to make a better life’s a mess.Look, daughter Gao Hengyuan high level, with the object many times, I do not agree, and finally one day, saying that she had a boyfriend, to bring home to see high Hengyuan very happy, shaving wash, change clothes ready to meet the future son coming, this is a good thing, daughter marriage themselves, parents listen to her opinion it wants.But when the law is seen to lead to the text Ya Gege, Wenzhong just released from prison in time, her face became pale, furious, along with future daughter-in-law were driven out, turn into a fight for a better.Look for gentle mother, her son married a beautiful and virtuous wife is a good thing, this should be happy for his son, just like his son, and that they should be like, but she is not the case, because of his daughter in elegant treated unfairly in-laws, and now , Gao Gao Ping daughter married a daughter of her belongings, she put her daughter in-laws are not public on his daughter, Baibandiaonan, resulting in abortion daughter overwork.At this point in the gentle mother he was contrite, but it was too late, regret for life.    TV series “divorce agreement”, the above description a few details, not that we lack a better life, many good things to be destroyed our secular bias, like a flower blooming, colorful, lovable, is our normal appreciation of mind.If a critical eye towards it.A year of painstaking efforts, before opening this flower, but also short-lived, what good is good, saying, pinch to go on the floor, Tukou saliva, it can also reveal what fragrance?Good things, the need for better heart to nourish.As long as we change a way of thinking, more and more innocent, less secular, sweet our lives will continuously surge, beautiful picture will be glamorous stretch in front of us.

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