Do not let the dark dust fascinated eyes


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I want to say today is a little something between the Ming Dynasty Ancestor years, what the hero is a talented, educated car scholar.He studied hard hard, what is the first cantilever cone Cigu in him are proven, every day, guarding a humble cottage, weak tea during the day and at night a rough rice bean light, really is a cute boast boy.If modern man, someone to have such a child, the parents will be happy dead.The hero’s name, but not the history books Story, only opposition in the history of flash, the name is not known person, let’s call him right out Bookworm. After the Ming bookworm have achieved, to choose their own way of life has not changed the old dynasties scholars, participate in examinations.So we Ming bookworm in his 18 years old, before the majority embarked on a road exam.His own his knowledge, the expedition when the hand is to bring things in the provincial examinations and although he will try not among the best, but we have finally reached the expedition of qualifications.For the next Bookworm no outstanding achievements around the classmate friend for his Idealists are also many people tell him people are looking for the relationship between the first and second avenues to go, so in order in the case of mediocre, with scores of others envy.Ming bookworm at heart in their own grievances had also been felt, but also for their money, no one complained, thinking that if he was born goalkeeper Hou government will not make themselves so reduced.But in the heart of the Ming bookworm, and also for their future fantasy, perhaps expedition examiners who will appreciate me, after all, people are the capital’s official.The thought of this bright bookworm there is an indescribable excitement, wished I immediately flew to the capital, a talent show blockbuster. Along the way Lawton, suffered untold hardships Needless to say, Ming bookworm after rushing for a few months, and finally to the Ming capital, we are now also the capital of Beijing.Came to the capital to live in the inn each student will choose “champion and third,” eat a simple dinner, Ming bookworm sitting under the dim light, he took a roll classics.As he read with relish, the door “squeak” is heard, a figure flashed, hand carry a package of wretched people in the eyes of the Ming Bookworm.Ming bookworm just want to scream, the man made no sound came over the mysterious gesture and said, “I have questions of this year’s expedition, you want to do, two hundred pennyworth.”Ming Bookworm is a lofty what people ah, say he did not so much money, he waved his hand said they did not buy, the mysterious man out of the house, night without words. The next day, a Ming bookworm out of the room when I heard a hubbub in the hall.Ming bookworm scrape together the past, only to hear a fat head and big ears covered rungra guy yelled, “Brothers, we did not play, the top three have already decided how we considered futile trip.”After that, that guy is furtive and said,” My dad got me a lot of capital to do the work are not official role, but also do not tell us busy this year, things had settled, so I went back today , and not by that useless sins, and you do not go?”Having also looked around a poor scholar, made to go posture.Obviously everyone has been a great shock, immediately talking about, what have said, and we are not willing to be all comes down, all of a sudden in the Ming bookworm at heart is full of darkness, they can still fit their own fame and fortune I thought to try. Came on the examination room, a bookworm Ming was very happy to see the topic immediately, the question is not difficult ah, really getting a God, brush brush at one go, the article is really full of daring literarily.The past two days, Ming bookworm test is the wind and sailing, out of the examination room refreshed.Just a few days waiting for results, Ming bookworm night wake up from laughter, every night Nankeyimeng.Just when everyone waiting list hi finally came out, we all flock together posting place, Ming bookworm their own exhaustion every effort finally close hi list, searching through every corner of the chart, have not found out the book insect’s name, the loss all over the body immediately filled out the Bookworm, slumped on the ground. Ming bookworm do not know how to go back, gongs and drums ear exams, and give the child bawl already hear, heart disappointment had become desperate, take a look at the list really is that we say that a few fool, Ming bookworm heart is a burst of sorrow.Back to the hotel Ming bookworm, to accompany all of their books and pens gave throw.From Bookworm absolutely clear idea of the expedition, is no longer hard to study, and then later he went into exile, there is no news, it was Instructions dead insects in the Barren.(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) we can assume that if the Ming bookworm, do not give up reading, when a hermit do not have very good?Even if the road to study history very few people, do not go on the road expedition is no other way to go yet?Dark dust filled out bookworm’s eyes, so he lost the courage to look for light.Friends do not let the darkness filled eyes, even though we can not change the reality of sunspots the sun, but darkness can only exist in some small corner of the moment, the sun will eventually occupy the entire sky.Out of the darkness, we see a bright world.

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