Do not go in their own equipment


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That I work is a private family business, a lot of my men are related to him and the boss man, so obviously a lot of very simple thing, but when dealing always makes me feel a headache.  Once, due to the QC inspectors Ah Kai negligence, the number of substandard products packaging, but fortunately that day when I checked out sampling, and it did not cause more turnovers factory.Logically I should remember Ah Kai too, but I know he is pro-nephew of the boss, I’m afraid to offend him, and eventually put him on a horse.But this way, everyone else has a problem with me, I work more and more passive, more and more often been criticized boss.  It was a weekend, I went to a construction site where a technician where to find students Oda.Oda was wandering around the site, he came to see me, to find a few bricks mat on the floor and sat me down.He and I talked and talked, spoke of the trouble at work.  He listened, smiled, suddenly pointing to the former Founder sitting together chatting worker said to me, you see, they’re doing?It turned out to be a big man in boast sturdy, but also laugh at a few old worker at his side.Finally, there is an old workers intolerable to say: Dude, I’m with a week’s salary bet with you, I can use this rack wheelbarrow to push something to that wall there, and in any case you have no way to push this thing come back!Big man laughed: ha ha!I bet!As a result, the old worker walks past, propped wheelbarrow, smiled and nodded toward the big man: come, come sit.Big man suddenly blushed, and stood.Watch workers burst of Comedy.I also laugh: the installation went in, he can push you move?  Oda also said with a smile: Yes, to install himself on the train, of course, could not move the.Do not you think your job status and it is very similar to it?Suppose your job is to push a wheelbarrow, you want to do a good job should be to concentrate on good to push it.But, yet you yourself put into the car, what to do first consider their own advantages and disadvantages, how it can do a good job?  I blushed to the ears.Yes, the car can not push the blame poor road is hard, but you can not blame the car something heavy, it is important, no matter what you do, do not only consider their own interests, not their own stuffed into the car, otherwise you and then have the power, also will be confined to a corner, unable to flex its muscles.

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