DPP nearly two years to what the people of Taiwan?Taiwan A wonderful friends: Dream


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Tsai Ing-wen。 (Source: Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper") Lifton city only a few days ago that "Taiwan really is a ghost island", the ruling Democratic Progressive Party plump salary。
The emotions again today, "said oil prices are soaring electricity prices, air pollution is getting worse, year after year increase in lung cancer patients, military and government salary slashed, still struggles desperately to seize power fame and fortune, is to drink daily red wine, eat French food, nothing will, is able to 2.5 million annual salary (NT), which is the DPP, "questioned 'Association's office, in the end gave us what'。
  Users a message said: "The Association's ruling, in the end gives us what?dream!Freud said that the rate of forgetting the dream the next day after doing about 80%。
"" I say very toxic nuclear waste, nuclear has to import food; said fire hair is very clean, but can not hide the reality of pollution; said solar energy is very clean, but could not hide the embarrassing state of water pollution and water shortage; say good wind power but can not resist the annoying low-frequency noise. "。 (China Taiwan Network Li Ning)。

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