Do not give yourself excuses


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The purpose of a person to be a successful career, have mercy, do not look for any excuse, but like cheetah eyes its prey — only is it Qinzhu.Take a look around us, there are always some people before you do something, first find an excuse to not do this, you can not do that, in fact, can not do it yourself.  Indeed, in the process of doing things, because of the negative attitude some people caused all kinds of excuses, like a plague poison their souls, and infect each other and influence greatly hamper their normal development of their potential, many were not old first decline, loss of morale, negative attitude of life.For these people, an excuse to do things they have eaten hope.  Chun and is a fellow Argentine boyhood, day not long ago two men encounter in the street, ten years is not met, we are rather mixed feelings, so kindly chat up.However, when it comes to future plans, the Arab army actually say they have old, now just for kids to make money, there are more than ten years away from retirement pension, no other ideas of.Chun was excitedly spoke of a long list of plans envisaged.  A military he was aged in, how it will wait for retirement?No wonder our society there are so many losers, they do not work hard to pursue success, but free to find an excuse to meet and wait for losers.  A military in my youth is an above average level of intelligence of people, good family, his father was national cadres, the mother had to work, but then in a enviable family.He is now in a state-run company clerk, I had been a soldier, his wife in organs, they have a boy in elementary school.In today’s China, he has a family of three is a typical man.It is said that he is now the most qualified to set up a goal, and strive to climb.Unfortunately, he even gave up everything to pursue.Excuse age revealed his negative attitude failed.  Mid-thirties as the most, the most energetic time.Because this time, because people absorb a wide range of nutrients and more mature life, it is easier to understand and grasp their own.Many big winners, mostly in 30?60 years of age stages of completion.Beijing Pharmaceutical Group president Tian grams key, 49-year-old began to venture resignation.Shandong Rushan millionaire, keep clam expert Xin Qitai, 50-year-old was looking for the road to success from the sea beach.Sichuan nets king Yang million, 66-year-old was from the start a business stalls.Former US President Ronald Reagan 73-year-old also participated in election.  According to Napoleon?Hill of 2500 people were analyzed, reflecting the few successful career before the age of 40.  The famous American automobile magnate Ford, 40-year-old has not taken important steps success.US steel magnate Andrew?Carnegie at the time of the great achievements, is over 40 years old.Hill when I published the first books about success is already 45 years old, after he struggled for 42 years to work for a successful career, when he was 80-year-old is still a book.

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