Do not expect that friendship to you rely too much


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When the original camera turned on, the friendship between the good host and a good respondents does not exist.Paul Lee is Taiwan’s most famous, senior news anchor, his interviews in a flexible, lively, well received by the audience tricky.His interviews with senior officials throughout the politicians, business elite, cultural giant, movie stars and many people can say his visit is Scared.Although my friend and four-terminal, but accepted his interview was the first time.Pre-recorded program open, we start with a small chatted.I do a radio interview from past experience of others, it is important to warm up before the video, one must understand the host respondents, on the other hand is also a video to try to talk about the rhythm of the establishment.Interestingly, the four-terminal watching me, and I watched him curiously.Feel it, he had done their homework on me, while asking questions, while delicate observe my reaction, and contemplating the next interview strategies.In general, access to writers like me, the atmosphere is more enjoyable, me neither too sensitive topics, do not open too many secrets can not be pressed.Therefore, this interview, I was actually holding the relaxed mood and attitude in the face of.I did not expect to open a camera recording, Paul Lee on the subject, write a love letter from me to help Jerry began to talk about things.Aggressively asked me: who wrote the love letter is?Lin Chi-ling is not written?Content is what I know about it even though everyone interested in high.However, because I was entrusted by the people, so unless the parties are willing to open, otherwise I really have no position on public issues before the parties answer.So at first I was forced to dodge a little, and my heart do not want the boss to think: how other people start talking things happen?And I still do not answer it when I quickly backed into a corner, four-terminal suddenly stopped and asked me: this rhythm you used to do?can.I am pretending to say grace.(Found himself really hypocritical ah.) Well, he told the photographer said, that we started.I froze for a moment turned out to be a blow ah.It was a very smooth afterwards I think, interesting interviews, and sure enough, a four-terminal of the questions asked questions ask no less, of course, I have the answer that is not sloppy.I have received countless interviews, I recall, this blow a total of two ── are my friends, but also are very good host asked the.Another is to accept the truth index of Kevin Tsai interview a few years ago.I’m considered an old friend and Kang Yong.Honestly, how he wanted to interview me, I was also very curious.I did not expect that, after opening the camera recorded, the first question he lost over is a problem and Ma and spicy.As a writer, you have such a high income, what do you think you are?Then I thought: My God, this question should be asked big business owners or wealthy fishes it?Moreover, access to a writer can have so many questions to ask, why but why pick this difficult problem opening?It turned out that it is a blow problem.I am curious to ask Kang Yong: Did you ask the question, what do you intend to?Kang Yong said: I would like to confirm your status, and you are not very clear Oh.I say.Also, Kang Yong said that our good friendship.of course.I say.At that time I also want to remind you of the way, open the camera once recorded, you can not expect that friendship can give you too much to rely on, oh it dawned on me.You can not expect that friendship to rely too much.This four-terminal two good friends and Kang Yong’s attitude is exactly the same.After the four-terminal visit us for coffee, he told me: friendship is indeed a hamper talk show.why?Because the audience to ask questions on behalf of the host, and between the audience and the friendship of the respondents who are not.Oh, so when the camera is open, good friendship between the host and good respondent does not exist.I say maybe harsh.Another a little warmth to say, this sentence should be: good host will always be standing on that side of the audience.The two accepted without virtue and good friend to interview, really should remain Scared mood fishes.After all, their shows are pretty good programs and critically acclaimed professional ah.When this is seen in the broadcast, we had to fight out of praise from the heart, conscience.

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