Do not embarrass yourself


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Inadvertently see a message about flooding from the Internet, after a brief shock, my heart was quite calm.Weekdays, too many natural disasters, too many unexpected tragedy, too many accidents, unfortunately, always sudden and touch our sensitive nerves.Although some far-fetched, but let us broke our heart and spleen.    Things change, life is short.Who, in the face of life and death, as long as live, whether struggling or dressed, what can not face, afraid of what it hard suffering?Unexpected fall of life than those who, even after more suffering, more desperate, more disappointments, too trivial, not worth mentioning.    Often hear people say: never get out alive!I always dismissive, do not die on the end, all is well yet?Yes, no one wants to die!Can feel tired, how good!Because there is the opportunity to strive and work hard.    I do not know enough people alive, do not cherish, I think is really an unforgivable thing.With a stable job, want to have an ideal income, with the ideal of income, we want to have a enviable position.In the ideal and the reality, we always want to take a limited ability to “achievement” their infinite desire, always a sideways glance the people around them, so had become normal is not normal, and had become legal illegal, and it had better become distorted.    Gradually, in earthly strife, the hustle and bustle of impetuous, we lost.(Chinese essay net WWW.sanwen.COM) no direction, no conviction, no passion.With people unknowingly comparisons, we present life unwarranted fear, afraid to face their own strange.Because always care about the interests of the moment, so the eyes always feel the pain and confusion.I am disgusted an act An unwarranted acts complained of life.Why do you?A person can be done an injustice, we can care about, but the premise is: you have to have the capital!Asking others to do for you, you must first ask yourself: What have you done for others?Do you pay a just hard work, hope it wanted to harvest very?    Our eyes always look up and see all those we have and do not force.Sad was that we did not put that gap as a driving force, but to find a vent for their own excuse to complain about.This unhealthy state of mind, so that would have been a very healthy person, become very narrow, very selfish, very harsh.Always take other people’s success, to torture yourself, and not to push yourself; always take the wisdom of others to belittle their own, rather than to improve themselves; so this too hard on yourself, did not live happy, live uncomfortable, live uncomfortable, not only their hard work, and tortured others.    Think about it, why make things difficult for yourself?Who, on just a lifetime, alive today, maybe tomorrow hung up, since God gives you only one life and we should strive to make their world is full of sunshine and hope.Can not do a good person, to be a useful person to be ambitious, but legitimate, healthy, always take your own past that matter, I believe that after today, tomorrow you still marking time, stagnant.    I am not a man of great wisdom, but I’m a people who love life, is know how grateful people.In my world, I think everyone is so kind, sincere, because everyone has their own is not easy, we can not see does not mean it does not exist, respect for others is not easy, will be able to reduce their own is not easy.

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