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[Part One: do not eat food handout] As the saying goes: “who can be killed, not be humiliated.”Handout can be described as insulting meaning, ‘sigh’ is the abbreviation for charity, is an insult and trample on people’s personality and dignity.So can not eat handout.  Famous painter Xu Beihong once said: “People should not be arrogant, but not without her side.”I quite agree with his point of view.If human dignity likened to an item, items fell to the ground, like being trampled dignity than an apology like to pick up items, items that will either dirty or broken will.By the same token, when dignity has been tarnished, trampling, humiliation, dignity has been broken, but not thrown into the washing machine, so live in a world without dignity, life, what significance?  Although life is precious, that dignity is not valuable yet!That is the dignity of the call, the call went to do it?Looking back in history, people are going to give up the dignity of life, life is not the same as it would not victory!General Ye Ting death calmly, rather die than surrender YangKaiHui, Girls Hero Liu Hulan.These people are not for their own dignity and the dignity of the motherland to give up the life you!It is also not as poor as it uprooted?(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) I think dignity above all else, is the backbone of the dignity of life, dignity and fulfilling life because, without the dignity of life, some of the faded golden meaning of life, leaving only dim shell, then what is the significance of life!    [Part Two: do not eat handout of people] saw the title, everyone will think of an ancient story: a starving man, he refused to have a bowl of rice given by others, the result ended in failure alive to be starved to death fate.In ancient literati, this is what a person has integrity, how admirable ah!  A LANTIAN news, the news reported that 41-year-old Lantian County Land Resources Bureau, former director of the Office of the Secretary partnership corruption affair.He was eventually sentenced to ten years.After I see a lot of emotion.These corrupt official is not good, but had to dry criminal matter.Let his family into disrepute, but also destroyed all their honor.The local population has also suffered huge losses.Each watch a news report about the embezzler, my heart will be shocked once!  I think one thing encountered when working in Dali County, Weinan City site.That day, after work to play on the road, it was dark, lights shone golden in the street, I walked aimlessly.Suddenly I saw a pile of garbage at a distance of a man, sometimes standing up, sometimes squat, what seemed to be looking.Closer, oh!He had to find food to eat.I was shocked, and there’s food dirty ah!This person has a high meter eighty tall, very thin face, disheveled hair, wearing tattered.Watching, I am a little sad, reaching out usually saved twenty dollars, and said to him: “Hello, my brother, there are twenty dollars, you buy a cake to eat.”I never thought he did not look up the money to continue rummaging, Li Nuonuo mouth and said:” No, thanks.”It’s beyond my expectations!He is poor in such a way, but also do not give money?”Why do not you earn money to buy food to eat?” ‘I have a physical problem,’ he continued rummaging.”Then you can go to the hospital ah!”He did not answer, so busy looking for food, must be too hungry because of it!I once gave money, he refused.  Friends, think about when a person is dying of hunger, it was to a bowl of rice or a piece of bread, why not accept it?Almost starved to death, but also tightly hold those dogmatic mantra, helpful?Our loved ones are sick, to make him get well soon, medical expenses is not enough, we should borrow, to borrow money, it is easy to see, nor is it lost integrity.This is the kind of love, we do not look too heavy dignity of the individual, because the most important person of life, peace is the only happiness.  I want to say, do not eat handout longer suitable in today.How do you feel?    [Part Three: Should eat food handout] Qi Taiji.Qian Ao for food on the road, to be hungry and eat those.There are those who hunger Mongolian Series sandals sleeve of a robe, hastily come.Ao Feng Qian left food, drink the right executive, said: “sigh!To eat!”Yang that as the head, said:” I do not eat the only food handout that Sri Lanka also!”Thus Xie Yan, the end does not eat and died.Zeng Wen, said: “Micro and!It also sigh, go, it is also Xie, edible.”This section will be from the” Book of Rites under the Tan Gong “.The “do not eat handout” represents the backbone of life, never obsequious to accept the charity of others, even if it is starve yourself.Sentence has thus become educate people to have a backbone of famous inspirational.  For precipitation inspire and impact so far, and also made me start to question this sentence.”Poor food do not eat food handout?”Starving the people, the food is able to live, do not eat the’d rather starve than have a man of character, which reminds me of the environmental factors.Under such a condition of life and death, a man of character is not so important in the face of life?Whether human dignity in the face of life seem so humble?  People under the eaves, had to bow.In every possible way to make fun of in front of fate, it is not worth the sacrifice of life to fulfill one kind of unstable rock backbone of existence?In front of the righteous cause, life is not in order to complete one kind of supreme spirit appears to be negligible?Two in front of it was in the context of a different choice, but even behind the backbone dignity blindly ahead in life sometimes become fatal stumbling block.  It is not born to justice?No meaning to dignity?He no dignity to the full and wonderful life?  An Nengcui live in disgrace or eyebrow bow powerful thing, so I’m not happy Yan?I believe this has been a thorny issue, everything has two sides, any questions, any answer is not completely right and wrong, only under certain conditions, can be solved only part of the answer under this condition is most in line with the.  In fact, this problem is around the “self-esteem”, “dignity” and “backbone” of linkages.  Self-esteem is a combination of self-respect and added dual meaning of the appellation.  Dignity means things people have human characteristics, have their rights, and those rights are human and have human characteristics other things respected.In short, the right to dignity is to be respected.  Is the backbone refers have the right, a firm advocate consistently for the then bravely serve the cause of progress, encounter any difficulties, all the pressure is not flat, break than bend, wind waves hit, can withstand, scared does not fall, persist in the struggle of people.  I can see it as temporary self-respect, dignity and moral integrity of the three conditions of the relationship in the face of life.The so-called poor people can not demoralized, with a backbone is the same as safeguarding the dignity.However, no character can not deny the loss of dignity, loss of self-esteem can be said, the three are not necessary and sufficient condition of its self-esteem, dignity is indeed a sufficient condition spineless, self-respect, dignity is a necessary condition spineless.  Under certain conditions, the decision to abandon certain aspects, the so-called fish and can not have both also.  Here, also involves a “blog” word.The so-called “Chi” is the intention, ambition means.Interested people will be able to weigh the relationship between the three, knows how to choose.Rengeyouzhi, actually reflects the choices made “no food handout” the ultimate meaning of this sentence affect it or not.  To sum up, “Should food handout” has a profound question, actually reflects a different understanding of each person to pursue different.    [Part Four: Gentlemen do not eat food handout] the story we all know, because it is easy to forget all too familiar: Warring States vassal state fought each other in case of natural disasters and times of hardship.Qian Ao hungry people who do the rich buns alms to the past, arrogant, saying: “beggar, you eat!”Hungry are fighting each other, Qian Ao in the side laugh at them, very happy, I feel really great kindness living Buddha.There came a skinny hungry, Qian Ao took buns, facing the hungry loudly yelling: “Hey, come eat!”He did not care for the hungry.Qian proud and cried: “rude (Jay), hear no?For you to eat!”I saw that looked hungry eyes widened Ao Qian said:” Keep your stuff, and I’d rather starve than eat do not want to eat this handout!”Ao Qian did not expect, hungry people went so far as to maintain their human dignity.This story is a tribute to the spirit of man face “handout” spineless hungry people.Can such a person, after all, a minority, a group that is more starving people fighting each other buns.These starving of hunger is not their stomachs, but their spirit.  Read related article elite have emigrated, these elite refers to a successful career as assets and strong feeling of insecurity, so I chose to emigrate to the law emphasizes the protection of private property to the State.Keen local tyrants and divide the land of the people during the Cultural Revolution once again out of control, loss of legal significance.However, the result of the movement does not make these people rich, in turn, “as long as people live better than me,” they become the targets met.The official said the confiscation of the hottest areas of wealth complement the rich treasury of words to get the support of many people, they seemed to see another great stand.A vigorous spreading the wealth around motion being implemented, people look forward to “help the poor become rich” promises quickly realized.How elites do not want to lose the protection of the historical experience of the law to tell these people to avoid the risk sensitive sense of smell.  Handout does not make you rich, you have to work through their own efforts and wisdom to live a good life, you have to participate in a fair and impartial legal finding a building to return.User fearless Admiral Kolchak said: “In society, the proletariat is basically a person subject to a minimum level of education, living in more primitive state, for human civilization have less understanding.This is a group that should be compassionate and help people, but their power as advanced on the ridiculous.High proportion of these people in desperate, who are likely to get control of their world.Careerists who know this, does not want to do the proletarians, they have claimed to be their spokesman.”Of course, this sentence has limitations.  I am not rich, it is because I am not trying hard enough, wise enough, love of ease.I do not blame those who gain wealth through their own efforts and wisdom, I hate those people and plundering the wealth of corrupt officials through illegal means, I do not blame those who drill the legal loopholes to get rich, I hate those loopholes have developed laws and regulations, and without the correct person found loopholes.I do not want to share the wealth of others, but do not look forward to “handout”, so I will not be deluded cult!  Hong Kong’s “Mirror” reported: Zhu said that now there is an increasing force in the attack, denial, alienation and away from the cause of reform and opening up, thereby setting a larger, ideological and political obstacles to block reform, reverse China’s future development direction.Even away from the tendency away from the reform of the reform has been very clear that they are opposed to special interests reform is not an exaggeration.

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