Do not cry, Wenchuan


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History, let us always remember this day, in the year 2008, May 12.Disaster, let us always remember such a name: Wenchuan.May 12, Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province 7.8 Earthquake.A sudden disaster, from the sky.Tremendous power, so that the earth was moving, broken rivers.Instant, countless live the life of an abrupt end at this time, thousands of loss of life, family members dead.Happiness was torn into tears every now and then, wish to be buried in the ruins and rubble.Wenchuan, crying.Beautiful yet charming, enchanting scenery of Chengdu Great Plains since ancient times called rich land of abundance, paradise.But from this moment, suddenly dimmed her beauty.All of a sudden, dull moon, rivers eclipsed.Ruins, under the rubble, while we breathe life issue in the deep pain of longing, similar to the cry of despair: save me.On your way to paradise Jiuzhaigou, there is a beautiful city, and this is – Wenchuan.People torrents of Minjiang River through the city, nourishing the land, brought up here.Qiang, Tibetan, Hui, Han and other ethnic together, they blend in here, working hard, to survive, to live a happy prosperous.Beautiful Wenchuan, since ancient times hormone called “Xiqiang portal”, Nishikawa door.At the focus of this day, this has become the world’s attention.Wolong stand up, the earth collapsed depression.A devasting earthquake overtook her years of civilization, tore up her beautiful face, but did not shake her strong will.Minjiang River flowing, can not help but roared for the remaining life of cheer, hold breath of his life in the rubble backbone, no cry.A difficult one, P Plus support.The shock of the people, wiped away tears, machine digging, picking hand, shoulder, started an unprecedented earthquake relief big battle.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) to the Prime Minister, the over sixties elderly, face the front of horrors, could not help but burst into tears.Before the disaster, Prime Minister courage, and always adhere to the forefront in the battle.You say: a very small problem multiplied by 1.3 billion, will become a big problem; a very big aggregate divided by 1.3 billion, will become a small number of.Yes ah, the greatest difficulty, we use it to divide 1.3 billion, it is a little difficult.As long as people across the country united as one, we can overcome the difficulties big, or how deserves to be called descendants?Army came, and that a body of olive green, vibrant hope of life.Whenever disaster strikes, they will see the first charge.Desperate indomitable fighting spirit, courage fighting spirit proved who is of the most beautiful people.Angels came, they were like soldiers, assault between life and death.Ambulance life, duty-bound.With their selfless, angelic feelings, he fought in the battle to save lives, to our interpretation of the preciousness of life.Gave you a love, will hopefully save a life.I saw on the streets Yijuan team piled up, the elderly have children..The elderly face focus, children look dignified.Look at one innocent face, eyes filled with patriotic enthusiasm in cohesion, enough to conquer any difficulties and obstacles.Because they are the backbone of tomorrow hold up China.Throughout the country, overseas Chinese, spontaneously set off one after another climax donor and solidarity.Brotherly friendship thicker than water, and national sentiment, at the moment, they brought together a common voice, that is: Surmount earthquake relief; call life, happiness rebuild their homes.Wenchuan, you would not cry.You will become more beautiful than before tomorrow.Strong rise in you, will usher in the dawn of victory.We will do for rivers of ink, paper earth, mountains testify, writing a new you.

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