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Part one: Do not cry walk, life is a road, with the sun and wind and rain parameters; ran, life is a gust of wind, carrying the joy and loneliness; flying, life is a cloud, elegant accompany wandering; stand, life is a tree, the way growth will experience lightning storms; sitting, life is a Buddha, in the calm with calm; lying down, life is a dream, fantasy hearts of the ivory tower.You fall, do not expect others to help extend the hand of assistance; you lose, do not want others to get back for you; if you want to have more, should not pin their hopes on others, but to yourself; if you want to get wonderful love, then with courage and sincerity to strive for; if you do not want to have regrets, you start now,!  Do not cry, looking at the road ahead, there is still export; looked at the people around, there will still be loving eyes; do not cry, do not attempt to go beyond because of friendship and distress, not because of his budding feelings and concerns; do not cry, Zaikuzailei is to pave the way for the future, think about the relatives of the family, you will meet the kind of love; do not cry, everything is wrong, but the dream of magic it, opened his eyes, but also a new day; Do not cry, while walking on a road a bit lonely and lonely, but in the near future, he will have a walk with you; do not cry, although sometimes you do not get aggrieved comfort, but always someone watching you in the distance, I hope you peace and happiness ; do not cry, although the reality and naive some of their departure from, but you will not lose back in the dark!  Do not cry, tears of shame washed away, washed away sad, will not lead to happiness, not lead back to you expect love; do not cry, in the past, should be abandoned, sad and do not mention; do not cry, give yourself a holy sky, give yourself a touch of warm sunshine, give yourself a sweet smile, give yourself comfortable feeling; do not cry, do not let the eyes full of anxious, do not let youth dotted with sorrow; do not cry, life there is always hope!  Do not cry, laugh it, you see, the sky is so bright and clean, the earth is so wide, the sea is so blue, the mountains are so majestic!And we walk in the inn of youth, we are listening to the wind chimes along the way, enjoying the beautiful fairy tale, burning our season of the rainy season in the warmth and passion; good care of their love in the romantic and warm in!  Do not cry, smile came today, tomorrow, looking for beauty; do not cry, smile through the rain in search of sunny Huaxiangniaoyu.Do not cry.Walking in the way of life, those who love you tell you “Do not cry,” you smiled and said, ‘Well, I will not cry’.  Cry.Part II: friends, do not cry you say you tasted the bitterness of life, can not find the way back; you say you have gone through this world of wind and rain, but still seek not love; you say you’re disillusioned, hopeless feeling very good I want to cry.  Friends, do not cry!Brothers, do not cry!My brothers, and my heart told me you have bitter.The road ahead, we can arm with each other, even if it is also through the river together.What plight tired point can be considered?I also tasted the bitter life of what you said, your pain, I have to deep feelings.However, we human beings are born not to cry; life is a magical journey, I do not want you crying all the way to travel.Life is long, there will inevitably be bumpy ups and downs; must go through trials and tribulations, and perhaps encounter “House seemingly endless rain,” the plight of even fortune hangs in the balance, we have a strong life.  Friends, do not cry.It is said that there is tears, just to prove that grief is not a hallucination.Tears can not solve any difficulties you’ve encountered, life never believe in tears.You have to do, it should be perseverance, indomitable.You cry, will lower your courage, determination and will shake your faith will weaken your wisdom and perseverance.The ancients said, Cardiff war, courage, again and then to decline, and thrice.If a soldier on the battlefield all of them are crying, that would be what results?Never was a great man said, sobbing, it can increase your courage.They always tell us “not be obscene wealth, and rank can not move, force can bend” like exciting, I think, they should not be a liar.If you really feel tired, put a heart on the beach; you feel any pain, and went to bask in the sun; going through the pain of suffering hardship, people left only the strong!strong!strong!To believe, there is always windy in the morning, there is always gorgeous evening, and the total meteor of the night; regardless of yesterday, today and tomorrow, can suddenly see the light is a great day.  You said you suffered enough love, can not find a man to believe; you say you feel very depressed, and even began to doubt life.You said you tired, can not rely on the shoulder; cry when there is no consoling embrace.Sauna net friend, please do not cry, even tears of a woman in love is so worthless.Problem, have first to find the reason, do not say a lovelorn man in the world is not a good thing.Woman’s pain, often chasing the wrong things.If he does not love you, when you are “dream her thousands of Baidu, when I look back, that person is a White Rabbit”.To rationally tell yourself that you just love he had a white radish, and now he wanted to eat a carrot.If you really love him, I tell you, listen to your heart, stick to your insistence, certainly will wait until a result, whether good or bad, do not cry.Life has a lot of regret and frustration, pro does not have love but what of it?Love can not come together, will be able to last forever, a lot of circumstances can only aftertaste.”Remembrance into, but was already casting haze of confusion.”Some people, in this life, you are bound to be in a dream and stay forever.There is always the time Sudden Impact, winter will soon be over, spring will not be too far away!  Some people will say to you, cry, do not be afraid of your weakness to be seen, this is your outspoken performance.I still have to say to you, cowardly, is a shortcoming, drawback, it is used to correct, not to vent.Tears biggest downside is that it allows you to see yourself, let others see your own.So, Shakespeare said, I am bored Liu Buchu tears.  Friends, please remember, then sad and helpless, they can listen to good inspirational songs, let yourself be strong.For example, Hong Kong singer Lui Fong song “Friends Do not cry”: Is there a window that allows you not to despair?Take a look at the colorful world, the original like a dream; some people cry, some people laugh; it was lost, it was old; the outcome is not the same?  Is there a love, not make you hurt?How many confidences to you all these years accumulate, what wine, not wake up?What pain, forget?To move forward, we can not look back.  Friends do not cry!I am still the destination of your heart; do not cry friend!To believe in its own way.Dust, there are too many silly chase a loss, your pain, I also have feelings.Friends do not cry!I have been in the depths of your heart; do not cry friend!I accompany you not lonely; crowd, a rare few true friends, this love, you do not care.  .Part Three: Do not cry, DHEA hand for Love, static ink Amidst the bustling earth, how many melancholy.Youth is gone, Love has been far presumptuous youth years, with whom I co-Yin red?  Anterior unknown, low eye brow, Goose cold shock, dismay how many.On the road backpack, youth weep ripple, bustling unknown journey, and I’m proud of who eyes the ancient and modern?- Inscription hill climb alone, looking small town, drunk on the sky, the hot June, with the wind ear tolls.I do not want to pick up the years, do not want to say goodbye to foot the youth, the years rush, inter breeze whisk ear, laughing and too early to.Everything is reminding us of scenes did, meet the prime words, life journey, thousands of times past life Looking back and gather the edge, both in the dry and hot June, dissipated in the foot time.Know almost in the classroom were also drowsy; in obscure formula in combination, biting pen scratching their heads; the reluctance looked up phase glanced words, the week Zhuangmeng Die; up and down in talking about the five thousand where, in terms of play; in the language of politics boring, the newspaper hand sky; in the sea of floating ocean in geography, Tang Q channeling network.Presumptuous years, wanton youth, in a pile of life is laughter, there is much to look back on Love.Even if it is absurd, even if it is at the expense of future.But at least we had come across in that period of time.  Hourglass dripping done fleeting, fleeting away their youth, and now at the end of corrosion fleeting heart is still reluctant to talk about feelings that short, how much joy, how many sad, dismal time precipitated our hearts an oasis in the wilderness, no grass tree, only to stop the youth spend the sand floor, just waiting for go hand in hand with the Iraqi sandstorm.The passage of time, the final end of our inability to understand: Huang Liang a dream of love.Dream with the Iraqis with the horizon, but that is only sand in flower.An essay, sounds and talk of sad memories, a collection of youth,.Said to have been forgotten, pick up the book, still the heart of War, said to be strong, the heart may already muddy.Tears intertwined youth, freeze reluctant to talk in the heart of one of the softest place, I do not want to put down, past hanging on a cliff looking out over the landscape aloof.  Is the most admired, no more sadness, a wisp of smoke, put the book together with yellowed yellowing of time into past.No sorrow, no laughter, no mourning when Mu, there are only free and easy.  Together even with both hands, let us bless the mare go, missed the person is willing to meet in future, still drink and a laugh.  Time is gone, the youth is gone, poor emotion is gone, in the end what we have left?  Life will continue, wiped away tears, let us carries the memories, excited then forward.  So, do not cry, youth, memories will make you immortal.Only occasionally looked up to see if there are letters Kam book cloud?  is it you?Youth, returning to.    Part Four: Dear, dear, I do not cry baby do not cry, I saw you.  I saw you in heaven, I saw you in the car to drive to Rukawa interest in people, coming and going walking, with the absence of vision is looking for me?Find your husband do?Dear baby, do not look, I’ve gone, the love for your husband gone, you have to accept this fact, I went to a place called heaven go, the legendary sunny place full of happiness, heaven is quiet, but also very sad, because without your laughter, heaven is free, but also very lonely, because without your companionship.  I will not see you again, never hear your voice, even your nagging.  Baby, this outward path away, her husband will miss you, know that you will be sad for me to leave, but baby, my dear baby, you have to promise me one thing, do not be too sad, because you make me sad tears, your tears will flood in heaven, that is my most want to see.  Baby do not cry, forgive her husband can not be at your side, you could not fulfill his promise of a promise.  Baby do not cry, you say this life is going to marry people, bury your son is the senior man, his wife, this life you bury me, and my next life I do woman to marry you, I’ll treat you, to love you , life stubbornly persists, we also do a couple.  Baby do not cry, I want to say to you I’m sorry, when you could not get married wedding dress, we hope you can take a picture of a wedding, but not enough time to achieve, I will leave you, we regret.  Baby do not cry, at the last minute and did not say a word you left, you do not blame me.  Baby do not cry, if life can do it all over, I will take good care of you, to love you, but no chance.  Baby do not cry, you often ask his lifetime love you do not love me, I said whether patriotic we are an old married couple, and if God give me time, even if only one day, one hour, one minute, I will tell you say I love you.  Dear I’m gone, forget me, love yourself, no good days I take care of myself, I put all the burden of everything to you, you must take care of themselves, do not be sad, do not cry, we’ll next life husband and wife.

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