Do not confused


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The road of life, is not always the four seasons fragrance, Xiangpiao miles, there are paved path Fallen flowers, crazy sudden rain; please do not confused!Confusion is lost in the desert caravans direction; that is lost in the forest vegetation can not find the sun; confusion is the fish catch wind currents in the ocean.Sky blue canopy, enveloped fieldwork, we should listen to direction sheep whip sounded, given there is water plump, Renhuanmajiao; snow sway in the wind, pour ice world, we should be patient and wait for the ice melted, the season of rebirth , given that time is cuckoo contention, cattle everywhere.Wait, sometimes is a test of suitors, the only way is the one leading to the other side of the ideal.    Decade of sword.Li lasted 17 years, traveled the mountains and river from north to south, study explores the numerous flowers and trees, rocks Tsuchida, to complete the masterpiece, “Compendium of Materia Medica”; Cao Xueqin lasted 13 years during just completed “Dream of Red Mansions” in Beauty and life destination, how many sleepless night lamp in only with, hard to describe how many times I sign off, in trouble, only a firm faith and indomitable will shining in the river of the passage of time, the vast literary history only from a stand immortal chapter.No Heaven knows, they may have lost in the pursuit of the rough road, ever anxious.(Original sauna News contributor .sanwen.COM) Guo Jing, Huang Rong Mongolian soldiers guarding Xiangyang aggression against dozens of spring and autumn, was called the “great swordsman”; Sun plead for the people, since the creation of the League to the Revolution of 1911 to the Revolutionary Army of the Northern Expedition, dozens of seasons and how will sharpen the founding father of; eight years of Sino-Japanese War, gun smoke in “On protracted War” is how the interpretation of the classic battle of epic; catastrophe decade of the Cultural Revolution, the red tide in the socialist construction in China is how to move into the new journey; three decades of reform and opening up, the market economy is how to compose a poem fighting.    千年等一回.Yang Guo Should always hovering at the crossroads of confusion, it will not have 16 years and Maid meet again; Bai Should get out of the confusion of smoke water mist, then there will be given 500 years later and savior – Shepherd the reincarnation of her husband married.Perhaps people lost in thought, but more people hesitate to go ahead, people falter, people choose to give up.    So please do not confused.

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