Baby recognize students anxious mother, the right way to help the baby get rid recognize students!


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  Baby to recognize the growing period, every parent will be very anxious, every day thinking about my baby before telling anyone laugh, but now how a telling anyone cry, friends, neighbors want to hug our children home, even before reaching the baby I have been crying to die。
Some parents see a child crying on and anxious and angry, kept saying, "You are so small how daring it?How are you so shy it!"Treat your baby's behavior correctly recognize students: First, do not give children stickers 'recognize students', 'shy', 'timid' kind of label; secondly, regardless of the conversational partner with us, do not urge the child immediately eliminate alert , but can not require children to see the graceful greeting everyone, ourselves set an example for everyone polite, the child will imitate our attitudes and behavior; in addition, to take their children to go outdoors, children play with other people children, many children will not experience too recognize students。
  In many cases, children resist strangers, not only with students about their own fear, but also with strangers about their attitudes。 Many adults treat children's performance is questionable, such as touching a child without permission, the racket head, twisted face, tickle, hold up, fuss, loud comments, require children to "call" aunts and uncles grandparents or something, or did not head not the brain child question "How old are you?They will learn to recite poems?Sing a song it "。
These actions etiquette in the United States and Western countries are not allowed or are considered very impolite performance, if stroking the child's head or hug and hug the children, their parents must consent or the consent of the child himself。
  BB recognize students is a normal phenomenon, "recognize students of" Almost all BB will experience。
In fact, recognize students explain his emotional development in progress, at this stage, your baby may become very sticky mother, seeing unfamiliar faces will feel very anxious uneasy, even if strangers hugged him close to him, he will be intense the cry。 So, faced with the mother how to do it?With a look。   1.Often go out with the baby, the baby did not enter to see the world recognize the growing period in 3-4 months Shihai, then the mother to bring a baby out activities to keep the baby in contact with various social environments, see the world。
Mom can take the baby to more and more children place residential square, street garden, let him see the different environment, a different understanding of the human voice and face。
  Mothers should pay attention: Do not go to her mother crowded places or have a lot of strangers around the baby to look around him to speak。
Many mothers do not let strangers take turns playing with the baby or hold baby。 Otherwise it will make your baby feel scared crying together, go out with your baby later the baby will produce psychological resistance, is not conducive to the development of socialization baby。
  2.Multi-contact and contact with strangers many baby has such a phenomenon: a man just let my mother hold him, hold him on the rest of the family a crying。
The reasons for this phenomenon are: the baby in the care of her mother every day。   Mom and Dad can let other family members take care of the baby, hug him and more。
When the family holding the baby, the baby's mother from sight disappears, your baby habits and other family members to be together。
  When the baby get used to and outside of the mother's family, the mother can let colleagues, neighbors, friends and other contacts baby。
Slowly, the baby's wariness of strangers will disappear, recognize growing period will have passed。   Mothers should pay attention, because the baby's instincts, he would contact as young mother and aunt。
So my mother let the baby should be in contact with strangers and their own preferences of women of similar age。
  3.Mother to baby full sense of security is often linked with shy, so mom and family to give the baby adequate psychological sense of security。
Mother and family in their daily lives to maintain peace of mind, interpersonal skills to maintain a consistent attitude, not to people fits and starts。
  When your baby is crying, the mother to maintain adequate patient and do not lose patience and scolded baby。
When friends and family who came to visit the baby, mother to remind them, when close to the baby, gentle movements to a。

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