Carpenter cousin “enchant” the poet


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Famous German poet Heinrich Heine, before 20-year-old wrote many poems express personal feelings.These works gorgeous language, full of emotion, fully demonstrated his talent higher than normal.The strange thing is that people who buy his poems are few.That day, distressed Heine went to see a cousin Carpenter, who is known for the wise.Heine poems will be given to him, and tell their own distress.Carpenter cousin rolled his poems, Heine then taken to a small room, which displays many rare watches are available in the market are difficult to see, and some can simulate animal chirping.Carpenter cousin took out a beautiful gold watch, Heine suddenly fell in love with it, because the watch not only looks beautiful, glittering, but also waterproof, even more peculiar is that it can accurately indicate the direction, showing astrology situation and trends in the movement of the tides rise and fall Heine could not wait to ask its price, you want to buy it.But Carpenter was cousin shook his head, pointing to the piece of ordinary table wearing his hand to say: use it to change the line.Heine could not believe my ears, this transaction instantly reach.Since then, the love of his life Heine such as care for the gold watch, go anywhere wearing it, and did not forget to deliberately flaunt it in front of others.Until one day, he suddenly went back to Carpenter cousin there, claiming to be in exchange for his original piece table.There are many advantages of this gold watch and a rare place, but there is a fatal flaw can not accurately display the time.Heine said to be unhappy cousin Carpenter.I took it, it can not tell me the correct time, who would ask me what direction and tidal astrology?These features, while good, but for me, what use is it real!Carpenter cousin listened, smiled and nodded his head, then gave before Heine took his book of poems from his arms and said: Well, your poems with it compared to how it?Heine’s face turned red again, he immediately understood the reason his poetry unpopular again beautiful rhetoric if not rooted in reality the soil, then decorate it became rootless duckweed, skin deep.Since then, Heine began to go deep into the bottom of society, to understand the desire of the general public, and use them to build their vocabulary loved it, thus completing a chapter not only beautiful but also a deep thought poetry.He therefore known as the history of German literature, writers and thinkers can uniquely perfect combination of poet.

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