Carpenter apprenticeship


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Xu carpenter carpentry job done not only well known, there is a lid ancestral hand craft bricklayer.He did carpentry job not pick one, but cover a bricklayer to do the job, we should see who is the employer.He has two quit, not on the grade of the house of the family quit, bad character of people quit the job.Xu carpenter at the age of 50, due to the strength and vision are watered down, so he decided to close disciples.But he received a back and forth a few disciples, are not last long left, no one coming to apprenticeship.So, people say, to promise a carpenter apprentice difficult, more difficult in order to subglottic apprenticeship Xu carpenter.Xu carpenter 60 years old that year, a man named spend three people came to the door of Arts.Spend three saw Xu carpenter, fell Pianbai: Dad, I’ll serve you.!Xu carpenter listened to the hearts of a move, which has not previously come to learn his craft Dangdie treat ah!Xu carpenter immediately decided to accept to spend three good education.Xu carpenter had no children, he took his son to spend three as a pro.Spend three very clever, diligent hands and feet.As long as Master Xu carpenter taught him carpentry and tiling job, did not he not learn of.Despite a promise to spend three carpenter’s apprentice in mind the most ability, you can learn when asked to spend three master and two years later, when his apprenticeship when, Xu carpenter was not very pleased with the pass to spend three words: do not worry.So, spend three and spent two years in torment in no hurry, and nothing when asked to do Master’s apprenticeship.Shortly after the Ching Ming Festival, spend three received a call from his girlfriend.Girlfriend said that now the country are engaged in industrial restructuring, working outside is difficult to find job done, going home to seek new development, chickens ducks grain flowers will do.Spend three said: Well, you come back, we two public relations, to the registration of marriage.Who knows, the girlfriend said: You want to be really beautiful!You two are not good long talk yet?Only your apprenticeship the day before public aware of our relationship!Spend three or frustration that, when mastered his heart did not end.Apprenticeship master told him to do not worry, if re-master and teacher proposed that thing, there might be as before as apprentice master away!Girlfriend thought for a moment and said: OK.I’ll give you support a move as soon as possible so that you can apprenticeship.Spend three to one, he said happily: What trick, you quickly say!The next day, it began to rain, spend three in accordance with the girlfriend said, early in the morning came to the yard Lu uncle’s home.After seeing Uncle Lu spent three happy to say: you fits.I was just going to ask you to give me the master of tiling, and you go back with him to say it.Spend three said Lu Grandpa: I know your family’s home after the festival each year, and make my master to flip a tile on the roof.I have a four-year apprenticeship, do not you also can not do this job?No need to call me Master.Lu uncle said: No!My house was built in the Qing Dynasty, complex process, has long been in charge of your master!Your teacher would have told me, after his only apprentice apprenticeship, in order to cover the house got so complicated!Lu uncle had to spend three to tell the truth: my master was sick recently, could not make the bed.I really have not mastered, so be it, this job I give you free dry, if a flip house after leaking, I am responsible for free rework, until the house is not leaking water make up!Lu uncle, if my master does not come, can you flip this house never yet?Lu uncle thought, smiled and said: Well, see you spend three would say, let this job for you to do it.I want to see for myself you spend three are just hype, or really have a skill!Soon fine, and spend three Lu uncle took a look at each house and told where to spend three not leaking, leaking where.Spend three to mind, and therefore great attention to the never ending when tiling.Spend three spent three days, the tiles on the Lu family’s courtyard house flip again.Flip finish the night, it began to rain.The next morning, rush to spend three Lu yard, test their flip effect.Who knows, he overhauled shocked, Lu uncle is speaking on a house down the drain rainwater basin with it!Lu uncle said angrily: spend three, I should not have to agree with you I clamshell roof ah!You get this house does not leak original place now missed.You say, now how do?After all spend three looked at the house where leaking of Lu uncle said: I think the reason why the house leaks, because the leaking water at the damaged tiles caused serious.When the hail is possible in the past, we put a lot of tiles smashed, with the gap.But those gaps are black smoke, and I have not found flip the gap, a gap on the use of tiles made ditch tile.So, rain washes crevice on the leaking water.Rest assured, I will do it in the end of the tube.I’ll own money to buy a good tile for a bad tile.After this treatment, I guarantee that the water would not leaking.It is as you say to rework it!Lu uncle said.

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