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Xu Shaojun was a scholar, who lives north of Lake.He lost his parents early age, his family was poor, but he is smart, studious, very famous keening.His uncle aunt often aid to him, I hope he can have the light of day in the future.Later uncle big age, less aid to him, and he cultivated the wasteland plant some vegetable self-sufficiency.Xu Shaojun often recite poetry and literature on Hawk mouth crag to the lake.That day, Xu Shaojun feel some hungry stomach, trying to sail back to the house to cook, just listen to several more yelling, a middle-aged fisherman shouted to him: little brother, reading spiritual person nerve-racking fee, buy a fish it back Bubu body.I have good luck today, caught a red scaly carp, cheaper to sell you, I was the first time such a good fish to catch it!Xu Shaojun did not intend to buy fish, this middle-aged man said audible catch a rare fish, they came to see strange.Middle-aged man leaned over the boat, picked up cabin of big carp.Strange to say, this carp met with Xu Shaojun, kept nodding to him.Look at its back half stuck into small fish fork.Xu Shaojun pity was moved, it took only a Diaoqian the fish bought it.He pulled the fish back in the fish fork, and returned home to take herbal powder, apply it on the wound, tied with cloth, gently put it back into the lake.One night, Xu Shaojun sitting under the lamp up clothes, stitched stitched, his fingertips to be needle a bit, his grimace of pain.He thought, if a wife can have nice ah!Some people sew clothes broke, hungry stomach to end a delicious meal was kept thinking, he could not help a sigh, he said to himself: never too humble and kind girl, where are you ah then, suddenly came knock on the door, Xu Shaojun wondered, so late, who would come to my house it?He put down the job, opened the door and saw the door was a slim girl touching.He stammered: my girl to my house late at night, what are you doing?Girl sheepishly said: My name is red Ling, lost his way due to visit relatives, you can spend the night in here?Xu Shaojun one, and immediately a loss: that which he looked out of the dark, and then look at the girl that pitiful expression, and finally ask the girl at the door.Needing a room, with great difficulty the next day, the girl red Ling did not mean to go on the third day, fourth day did not intend to leave.Fifth night, sleep at night, Xu Shaojun found around more personal, his burst of excitement, could not help tightly around her Since then, Xu Shaojun girl with red Ling had played a sweet married life.Hung Ling Xu Shaojun to the one or two silver, let him come back to buy a textile machine, weaving her home and let her husband take the city to sell, and earn some money back to support their family, life enjoyable.This year, autumn, red Ling pregnant.When fast delivery, Hong Ling told Xu Shaojun take two small hut in the backyard of the house, put a bed and a large tank in the hut, and told him not to peek at that time, and asked him to record a small town Choi goods shop next door to please a woman surnamed liu to delivery.Xu Shaojun have complied.Third night, Xu Shaojun just listen to the hut came thump thump sound of water, but he is not close.When dawn came, the hut came the sound of babies crying, followed by Liu old lady holding a baby out.Xu Shaojun looking at his son’s white and fat, crowed.Liu Xu Shaojun old lady to help take care of the red Ling a month before leaving.However, for 100 days after the baby was crying more than all day, how to coax not work.Hung Ling sigh loudly, walked into the hut when children.For a moment, his hands holding a red Ling glittering beads came out, shook the beads get in front of the children, the child immediately stopped crying.Hung Ling had to use a sewing silk sachets, fitted with beads hanging on the neck of the child, the child did not cry trouble.Later, the child grew up, do not hang the sachet filled with beads around the neck can eat and drink play a quiet, comfortable.Xu Shaojun to his wife covered up the beads can be red Ling said, still hanging on the child’s neck, this is the orb, can cure all diseases.Hung Ling still loom, and weave more cloth pattern, selling price is also higher, life is getting better.Slowly, Xu Shaojun not become less diligent reading of the hard.Sometimes, he went to the city to sell the cloth, the cloth they even sell live two days before I came back in town.Hung Ling persuaded him to study hard, Xu Shaojun was displeased, tired of hearing, was taken up drinking wine.One day after the one year old son, Xu Shaojun back from town, told his wife: I do not know magistrate master of your mother what ails many physicians are incurable, the magistrate master anxious like ants on a hot pan, like round and round, he let adviser wrote a notice posted on the door of the county, said the announcement, WWW.5aigushi.COM lord magistrate who can cure her mother’s illness, twelve gold reward.Xu Shaojun looked bulletin, the son remembered his wife had said neck sinking, can cure all diseases of Sarah, so he hurriedly went to get Sarah back, go to the magistrate master of cure his mother, so that you can exchange for twelve gold, Beijing exam for another day for travel expenses.Xu Shaojun finished listening to his wife, advised him not to covet that small fortune, as long as the peace of mind reading, after Beijing exam tolls must lobbied for him.Xu Shaojun hear his wife say, sighing loudly, just so he took a bow to silent reading book together.But at dawn the next day, they found red Ling Baozhu son on his neck was gone, looking for Xu Shaojun everywhere, has not seen his shadow.Hung Ling Xu Shaojun know is secretly take the jewelry to go to his aging mother went to the magistrate’s treatment, sigh a sigh.Dinner hour, Xu Shaojun finally limped back, his wife asked him to go to the county government of the situation with concern, Xu Shaojun head down, his face in shame without a word.Asked anxiously, Xu Shaojun sighed and said: Lady, I’m sorry you had to die, Xu Shaojun took Sarah went to the county government, the magistrate quickly healed his mother’s illness, after the magistrate rejoicing they played a greedy, he Xu Shaojun know Fengyun Sarah is priceless, then took him twelve gold.Xu Shaojun certainly do not agree to give him Sarah, the magistrate on the heart of a meter, pretend that, even if Xu Shaojun do not agree, let him go.

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