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If you have not been to the mountain carp, you will offer all kinds of thoughts, the worth of the imagination, silent love love, longing and expectations, mysterious, some descriptions if you listen to others, and then expand your rich imagination, you she will feel profound and unpredictable, changing thousands, amorous, glamorous exquisite.Or there is a mad eager, eager to witness her true color early, as carefree as a blessing into a dream as wish to ChenDian in the heart tangled in my heart always yearning memorable.Hill is a stalwart of the mountain is unique, mysterious and mountain charm is infinite, so only so many men of letters for her stonewalls, have fierce brother women to get together, have ten million people flocked to it there are mountains of boiling and bustle.Hill is not high, but the immortal spirit, mountains are famous, Reiki, there is the temple, there are cultural spread of Buddhism, Taoism, so have hundreds of thousands of the faithful who devoutly visit, without any hesitation to come thousands of miles to make a wish.The Carp Hill in advocacy networks suddenly brought to public attention, attracting the public’s eye.So, this March three, she was boiling mad, laughter and singing, lively and popular, her guests all over the mountain forest, she is pleased to smile, warm welcome, it was her brilliance as well as dazzling.However, there will be a few grand a year’s March 3?In normal times, she would be quiet, lonely, lonely but impoverished, silent in the clouds, silent as a silent poem.An exquisite painting.In your mind, because while longing for, not personally feel mysterious and, yes, she was mysterious, mysterious like a shy girl, her glamorous, glamorous into a beautiful picture is not seen, but she on your side, not far away, in good health, but you can only close the distance across it?     I could not witness her boiling spectacular, only to feel her madness from a network of text and pictures into.Oh, but why in the work, for me, working in the private sector in a mortal, life is usual to go to work to work, in order to survive busy, no holidays, did not rely only watched from the lively mountain of carp in finally died down, among the hustle and bustle finally quiet, but her mysterious image in my mind but growing, perhaps because I never, ever go off, I have not been carp hill, surrounded by mountains, the mountains are the generals me to support my the place is familiar place, a year will not go away a few times, Longwangshan been there twice, only Lei Shan, have never been, her mysterious and beautiful in my heart, beautiful and moving, eager longing.I want to go mountain carp, a desire to become.However, for me a weak woman, if not accompanied by a friend, to the carp Hill prohibitively difficult, first, I do not know the road, the second is courage.But I’m so clumsy ordinary weak woman but on April 11 the miracle ascended the mountain carp, is it my sincerity touched mountain, I saw deserted and empty after her excitement, her great among ordinary, she after the applause silence, her flashy after the deep, mysterious behind her face, as if a makeup woman, I saw her in the extraordinary true, she did not like the world famous, world-famous, a constant stream of visitors all day long, she definitely not like a wilderness lake, worthless, or no one is interested, she is her, she was there, in a corner of the well-being of real effort, not humble does not say anything, not impetuous and pride among the bustling, no loneliness of the loneliness and sorrow.She exists a simple, humble does not say anything in a gesture.Has a secular general, also has a noble and holy.I think I have the carp Hill fate.I work colleagues, there is a small authentic Lei Shan girl born and bred Ronaldinho, just as I was brought growth to General Hill, she was brought up to learn to grow in the mountains carp, no wonder the manager joked that we were is a tyrant, indeed, we are proud of his hometown mountain, pride.April 11th month, the first day after the carp mountain silence, on the previous two days, April 9 Ankang singer Zhou Ji sent Meng sing singing still here, do folks cheering crazy.And today, we were like God’s arrangement, we were just leave the same day, she wanted to make a wish come true on Carp Hill, she raised her students also returned to the place to find childhood, I wanted to see how she’s hosting the Games, opened her mystery veil, I also want to make a wish, there are many large and small, a lot of desire.We have arranged this morning and then depart, weather Mimi, cloudless, sunny, really Rhapsody.The driver and the car came, it was a master in Zhejiang, she is an acquaintance of Ronaldinho, the three of us went, and soon drove the car halfway up the mountain carp, more and more inclined road, we had to He abandoned the vehicle and on foot, climbing, oh, climbing.What a pleasure to climb, I would like to stand here among fields of rural mountain, breathing in the fresh air, overlooking the green sea of spring-like, large tracts of green trees mixed green Yeah, deeply shallow faint the thick layers of dark green piece of green ink painting, vivid impressionistic and lyrical innovation.Xie canola flower has almost, but put on a green pod real fan of large, rich look and ChenDian, and green, like ten million little green arrow, full of energy with full of vigor.Barley had the heavy Wo junction spike, but deep green, vigorous efforts to grow.All kinds of birds chirping interwoven with crisp, mixed with a pheasant or two tweets, oh, some flowers, some of the mountain, some trees, some of the grass, I suddenly remembered the ancient poem: April Fangfei do, Temple peach blossoms.Oh, the mountains, this time, of which she is the most beautiful spring.And we can finally see them all so brazenly, village, mountain, they were most familiar atmosphere it.Climbing is not difficult for both of us to the mountain of Ben children, soon to climb to the top, but this is where Ronaldinho grew up, she paddled finger somewhere in a place, where her father a few the house, where is the niece of her father’s grandmother her home, her school to school, where her cattle, some playful small pond, she is the best tour guide we providential, came here, she they are just like the cheerful marine fish return to the familiar, so cheerful, oh, mysterious mountain carp, we really blessed with authentic mountain carp girl accompanied all the way, while on the road again and meet a few old mother to say hello talk about family, they are her first name, cordial conversation, oh, we knew, Lei Shan has emerged in our line of sight.She is so ordinary common, it seems nothing special, oh, that disc, a few days ago have four beautiful in this photo, oh, a few days ago that the platform is a grand stage, damaging the walls of the old mud house is four beauties that place had filmed performances according to the program, well, we were also shot photos on the disc, ugly or not does not matter, be happy.Red huge banner was still there, in front of the temple was a little tired, take pictures, red banners: Lei Shan Temple to pray mysterious temple .Oh, carp mountains, mysterious carp mountain, you are in front of me, I was thinking that Yamana carp Hill because of her mountain image only huge carp or because legend firewood baby and carp girl that beautiful love story and when named Ronaldinho said, carp, there are two large pools on top of the mountain, the water is clear and bright, there are colored goldfish swimming happily, Ronaldinho said real koi pond below, which was later repaired!   Ah, today almost no guests, go in place is not large, in front of the temple alone Ronaldinho said previously lived a mother, her name is her mother made, and now she is dead, buried in a small underground temple.Into the founder of the house, next to an imposing young master at tapping the side of my wooden fish, incense, burning paper, nibbling head, pious wish, in the merit box and generously makes a hundred dollars, rest on a hilltop overlooking around the green, plus pay to see the river or river on the Han River dim shadows of the sun in the distance looms.Mountain water is cool, spring, Ronaldinho said that Shen Shui, we have had a wash under the tap, said to be Ronaldinho gets on the air.He says with a bottle when walking or forgot all about it.Enough rest before eleven o’clock, hey, starting at 8:30 am, the sun is growing, returned to get something to eat, Chang Chang a little disappointed, but the mountains that look like carp, a kind of deviation with imagined lose.Fortunately, taking pictures of it, perhaps the willing, is the mountain of the gods gave us the fun of it, then the phone when I do not know what to make another camera automatically becomes a dual artistic reasons like the kind of symmetry, Ronaldinho to take a right, then there she goes a man leaning against a tree illuminate two naughty cute innocent photos of her to, oh, beautiful and gentle carp hill girl, thank you for your hospitality accompanied all the way.Return, the road not panic do not panic pheasant pacing on the road, taking pictures, goodbye, Lei Shan, you carrying too much of my wish, good looking, yearning for happiness.Soon return to the city, Ronaldinho dinner, we went to dinner at a restaurant, wine enough food to eat, drove the master said: Carp Hill did not seize the opportunity to make money, if what features get hold of the door, to a carp leaping, tourists skip the door, can charge tens of dollars range, drawing tourists willing to pay good fortune is to jump!Jade Buddha said can sell some souvenirs like, nothing, and even sell the mountain of holy water, loss of business opportunities too, and perhaps it is, but I think this may be just what the carp Hill valuable sacred place: her natural nonstick earth mercenary and money, always maintained her original natural simplicity of style.This is me, a mortal eyes Carp Hill, rustic style after the mysterious.Among the extraordinary vitality of life forever, revealing the source of infinite power.2016.4.11th

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