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Yi Wei in early spring February 30, Gregorian calendar April 18, I had the honor to participate in Ankang, Shaanxi Institute of prose creation of al-Qaeda to carp mountain folk songs, and Ankang, Xunyang, Hanbin and Ningshan County, two counties and one city part of the writer, a poet of an area, agro-ecological tourism park, visit the Millennium Taoist religious feelings of the convergence of traditional folk cultural and ecological tourism culture of agriculture.Whether in the modern agricultural demonstration zone of ecological tourism mountain carp, carp or in the mountains carp Hill Road homes, or listening to presentation or discussion questions, new friends or old friends, smiling, talking On the Road, a great sport, it is very refreshing.This whole package recommended conditions necessary to point string lines, in-line with the surface, touches the loop formed tourism.This is not only opened the space area, it will not let go of repeated way, people can birth a desire to travel.Compared with foreign religions Buddhism Taoism, Islam, Christianity, Taoism as an indigenous religion, is very fruitful in good health, has a long history, left a large number of Taoist attractions, carp Hill view as Wudang offshoot, and Dongyue Temple, iron Buddhist temples and other Buddhist temples as unity in people’s minds become pure land.Hanbin District of Ankang Carp Hill is located five miles south bank of Town, South Vietnam, as a part of Phoenix Shandong peak, 785 meters high, the northern foot of mountains that extends no other, more handsome tall and straight.The river from west to east, from the foot of flowing through, clear water and mountains, it has a little aura.For me, the mountain is not very high, Lei Shan fame is not great, can not be compared with other mountains and rivers, there is little support in the mountains did not know the feeling.As the Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi said, “The mountains are not high, but the immortal name in the” Lou Shi Ming “in.”Because of this, I still give high expectations carp Hill.In order to create religious culture brand, promote eco-tourism, the annual Lunar New Year in March three, carp Hill Hospital will hold traditional festivals, attracting many believers a visit.Believers to pray for security and peace, but also can play outing, really it is no better place to go.Because of rain reasons, we after breakfast, take the vehicle, from the front of the hotel Yijia Heights, starting along the road to the White Han Shan Lei.Because not familiar with how the specific way to go, we immediately behind the front Shaanxi G-AK000 of a car, with the fear of losing the car in front of fast, we also fast, slow car in front, we are also slow, especially in the rain, visibility is not very high, shuttle traffic in large Chinese white on the road, looking out the window of rain, goosebumps, is it a sense of heaven, we want to know carp mountain folk songs, a planetarium and deliberately germinal , it adds to our poetic folk songs.Rain asked Carp Hill, look for the Millennium Trail concept is clearly different from the ordinary day of fine weather situation.Because of the increased difficulty of rain, will be even more difficult challenges stimulate us to enhance confidence, increase courage to overcome difficulties, can be left to the people to think more and more memorable.Carp mountain, the river shore, is the endless fertile land, modern agricultural eco-tourism park in the mountain, the head of the park told us about the May River Road West Dam overall development planning, planning and construction of modern mountain agro-ecological park, no green marketing pollution vegetables, hills planted orchards, walnut main cash crops, together with the construction of a large cemetery, behind the service provided, dig deep cultural connotation of Taoism, Taoist temples to restore the building construction.Now, ten high speed and Ankang Highway in this connection, modern and convenient transportation, excellent geographical location and good ecological environment, as well as heavy Taoist cultural heritage for the development of the west dam river channels adds a fresh blood injection a strong impetus.North and south of the Qinling Bashan, breathtaking mountains are tall, between two mountains, and more tucked Hanjiang River, the Hanjiang River is the old course, between the river and the Han River, and stretches across five hundred miles Phoenix Mountain.Phoenix Mountains stretching from the mouth of the Han Bin to Shiquan, with respect to the Qinling, Bashan, the scenery of Phoenix Mountain is indeed a hill.According to popular legend, the Queen Mother is the head of the Phoenix Mountain Hosta, touching love to Vega and touched the face of a great threat in the Legend of Love, Queen Mother still leave this Hosta, Phoenix Mountain formation, resulting in Han River diversion.He stood under the mountain looking carp mountain, shaped like upside down because of the Admiralty, also known as Zhongshan, with the same ominous for the Phoenix Mountains of Taiwan, together known as the bells and Tianzhu Mountain in Qishan.It’s like a mountain to flag fluttering in the wind, all pointing in the same direction, before and after the peak and do not block the formation of a very dynamic level.If there is a banner under which many people actively forward, struggling up the general appearance.February carp mountains, verdant hills, Yunshanwuzhao, scattered houses on both sides of the road in order to build the village on a spiral.Under the leadership of our party secretary Lei Shan, rain ride up the mountain, when traveling at a sharp turn to the steep slope, skidding, not forward.At this point, rain still falling, the clouds thicken, fill the fields spread out, within two meters of visibility, neither see Taoist mountains, farmland can not see the mountain, the body is in the fog, as if It is immortal in general, if implicit, if magic, should Wonderland.Remaining journey, if the walk up the hill, still a little difficult, we had to rest in place, waiting, transfer to four-wheel drive off-road vehicles, and shift back and forth several times, all staff parking lot to the hill.Parking There is one final journey to the top of the hill, only walk, we Chengzhaoyusan, stepping on the mud, struggling to move forward, slippery trek on the mountain before the summit in.City to participate in the collection activity of the bank credit manager, a famous photographer Wang group used the camera which recorded the hardships.Son turned a crank, see the clouds in Kuixinglou, standing quietly on a hilltop.Carp on the mountain peaks, was built in the Song Xuan Taoist Temple, though now a bit run-down, but after thousands of incense is not bad.Created by the Department of Li Fu Long Park Road, has been passed down dozens of generations.Left Kuixinglou, gate, mysterious temple, and rooms around other buildings.According to state records Xing’an set: “First of Phoenix Mountain, said Lei Shan.There are extremely past spring, two of carp swim, called a singularity. “.Peak is very smooth, very open, not far from the mysterious temple solemn, towering momentum, bluestone paved foot on the ladder, into the Taoist temple gate, I saw a head Cao Xuan Lu and other priests are busy greeting guests, about house.The colleagues as one filled with devout believers to come and channel folk songs.In the rooms as we sat down, listen mediated Minister Li Lu Shao Caoxuan a head as early as Wudang practice, and then return home to do a long carp Hill, he has had a higher education diploma, but also have staff registered a head job qualifications, really a rare double talents academic complex, City Taoist Association president Liu Chengqiong get recognition and referral, Municipal Bureau of Religious Affairs arranged for him to do a head carp Hill hospital.Recall the case of early carp Hill, Cao said long live in neither wind nor storm of rooms, drinking water with a fishy odor, adhere to six months after he invested $ 30,000 water up the mountain, to solve the drinking water problem.Meanwhile, housing construction maintenance, have a look now.It is said that during the Cultural Revolution, the monastery suffered bad luck of the Four Olds, was demolished construction materials Taoist, the construction of a Courtyard township government and a school, you can see a huge scale.Cao said there is a long wish is doing his own life but also will promote the Everbright carp Hill Hospital. By carp mountain folk songs, I deeply feel the fusion of traditional religious culture and development of eco-tourism culture and see the good development prospects, I not only for the modern sightseeing agriculture demonstration garden thumbs up, but also to adhere to the carp Hill hospital priests who cheer.I wonder if the policy is in place to support the introduction of development funds to address the electricity, water issues, such as access, Lei Shan Taoist culture will certainly shine!

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