Carp leaping (b)


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Roaring Yellow River 9 miles, it flows to the heart of Hejin, bed down for a few Baizhang suddenly, the river forms a gap extremely majestic waterfall.Here is the goal.Then it is the seat of the mountains from east to west, south of the Yellow River blocked, all losses that the heavy use of Dayu nine thousand nine hundred pounds of God ax, cut off the middle of it for a while, let the river current flying, but it resulted in the upper and lower water level drop.  Yu then passed down himself if he so mountains chisel Road, in addition to the Yellow River does not have to turn DC, there is a purpose, which is to select a group of the essence of the group in the Yellow River carp.They are fish in fish, fish fine, let them checked, cloth rain clouds will never play in the river, the benefit of mankind.That is, they will become the tire off the river dragon fish.Of course, to do really depends on your own river dragon skills.How to test real skills it?Only one condition: that is, from upstream to downstream swim at the next day, to where the fish can be transformed into a dragon reborn.  This is such a big attraction ah!Spring season therefore made up each year, there are always tens of thousands of carp participate.  This spring, one hundred thousand carp Yellow River have starting upstream forward.  Against the current, really need perseverance and courage, a lot of carp lost confidence, look in the middle of the open space is no longer forward.When they travel to the foot of the gantry when this mighty team, went so far have seventy-two thousand.  Tomorrow will jump Dragon, and you can skip the gantry into ichthyosaur.Carp were that night to recharge your batteries, ready to show their talents to Japan, skip to the goal, dawn, facing the group and a group of carp turbulence Yong Jin, but the momentum of the water flow is too great.A further tail dash water carp is disoriented, exhausted, return a dejected only do anything.Of course there are always such carp, they can be said to be the most persevering, no matter the difficulties, is relying on to win that kind of confidence, finally skipped gantry.  Mount Longmen carp, have to undergo new tests.Waves of clouds and rain began to attack.They are accepted as rain clouds and rain bath, this time, every carp also have their tails out of the water, but also to jutted her aim is to make the day of the fire hit.Heaven sent sure-fire, can burn the fish, so wait until the river to swim against the horizon, you can become a dragon.  Yellow River carp is turned into a dragon by such indomitable struggle.Although the seventy-two thousand carp, only seventy-two boarded the goal, but becomes a dragon, but it is, after all, wrote a chapter in the spread of carp leaping over thousands of years.

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