Carp leaping (a)


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Temple gorge, also known as wonderful gorge.Phoenix two magnificent towering mountains, pulling water dyke, Jiajiang standing, fascinating carp leaping, vivid, magnificent spectacle.Into the canyon, Xiongzhi two mountains, cliffs stacked barrier, towering cliffs, walls thorn peak days; strange rock flower, according to Wall open competition, the canyon loaded into a decorated general in Wonderland.This wonderful magical valley, spread a beautiful and moving story.In the long ago, Longxi River villagers, farming men and women weave, live a happy life happy.Year, coming from nowhere a rhubarb Nielong, all kinds of evil.It was not anything they want destroy crops, is puffing away injure the people, the whole valley foul atmosphere, no peace.June 6 every year it’s birthday that day, more people are forced to offer boys and girls ten and one pair of large cattle, a hundred pigs, sheep and other things for it to enjoy.If not, it will anger evil, opened its mouth, swallowed pounced village people and livestock, destruction of pastoral, depriving Ninghe Lebanon complaining, moaning and groaning.Gap on Longxi Town, there is a pretty smart little girl named Yu Gu, she was determined, this dragon can not get rid of non.On several occasions, she boarded the PTZ PTZ fairy view to find help, he found none.She is still not discouraged, continue to look for.This morning, she boarded the head outlook, Fay was sincere Yu Gu Chi-kin moved by the spirit, appeared in front of her, pointing to her said: thousands of miles away from here there is a carp hole, you can go meet a carp fairy, she will be able to help you.Yu Gu farewell fairy head, hell and high water, arduous journey to the cave carp, carp find fairy, explained what he wanted.Carp fairy said Yu Gu: You want people from harm, which is a great thing, but you have to sacrifice yourself ah!You can do that right?Yu Gu did not hesitate to say: as long as the villagers from harm, destroy that dragon, even if it is ordered by the next sea of fire, destroyed my willing heart!Carp see Yu Gu fairy so sincere resolute, satisfied nod towards Yu Gu sprayed three Baiquan, she suddenly turned into a beautiful bold red carp.Red carp inverse up the river, after forty-nine days, travel back home.This day is the early morning of June 6, she suddenly become also the original, see folks ready: a pair of young boys and girls, ten large cattle, one hundred sheep pig.People drums, like a long queue to sacrifice Huanglong Gorge walking in front of the pair of young boys and girls dressed in red, red dress, had dissolved in tears of.Huang Sheng saw that the people sent food dishes, has long been coveted, proudly mouth wide open.Just when the situation got that one thousand fishing, Yu Gu preemptive approached, stopped the folks who said: We pause here waiting, so I went to pick up this noxious.Soon as he finished, I saw Yu Gu water jump, was metamorphosed into a red carp, leapt in the air, rushed straight into the mouth of the dragon, look coming into its belly, the East West poke thorn, the dragon of internal organs pound pulpy, dragon struggling, whole body roll, but to no avail, Yu Gu was finally killed.However, Yu Gu and it is buried in the belly of Huanglong.Since then, Ninghe people and live a happy life.People to cherish the memory of Yu Gu people from harm, the Gap hillside temple built an Carp.So far in Ninghe area, also widely circulated story of carp leaping.From: good story X% 2E / 7o8.Net / C.JS>

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