Carp fish essence of fine theater


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Yellow formerly run over and over, leaving a large pool acres hang it in the Yellow River Lankao County, known as the Black Dragon Pool.Hundreds of feet deep lake, green lake, Shiba waves.Ri has a fine carp, folk still tells a beautiful legend.One summer, the shore of the Black Dragon Pool GongMiao Village open temple, at which three rival drama, a temple fair people crowded, bustling, alerted the carp sperm ri.He told the General attempting fish: folk Renshounianfeng, peacefulness, I think folk play relax, bother to inquire about the general water.Attempting general enough to allow not neglect, suddenly, the old man turned into a hospital public appearance, came to look at something near the temple, then rest assured Huibing a fine carp.Carp fine little preparation, with her daughter and attempting generals carp fairy fish out of the Black Dragon Pool.Came ashore, the attunement a magnificent car, and her daughter sitting in the carriage, attempting to catch the generals car, pulled into the temple.All this is seen clearly to sell oil to steamed king for two.King for two homes in the temple had a branch oil pan steamed, fried yellow oil steamed crisp focus, business is booming.Here are used to sell oil to steamed wicker child dressed as oil steamed string.Wicker ran out, his father tempest on two small folding wicker willow on children.King for two sitting Liu Shu Chashang lazy, looked around, saw the Black Dragon ri car suddenly appeared, exceedingly strange, was about to inform his father, drove the car has front.He rubbed his eyes and look, it really is a good sedan cars, colorful flowers embroidered dragon phoenix sedan Carolina, embroidered peony embroidered peony, chrysanthemum embroidery, embroidered flowers, surrounded by flowers and birds, dragon vacated desire, desire phoenix wings.A public hospital look like the old man, wearing a hat, wearing blue shirts, leading a horse covered with fire-like red of the bay, next to the stage slowly.How many people have seen rich people’s cars, are not so beautiful, surrounded by competing to see cars.Jiaolian open at this time, he emerged a Ruhuasiyu girl and a white-haired old man about 80.Father and daughter blissful silence, listen to opera.Being on stage singing carp fairy night raid scholar Zhang Zhen study period drama.The girl tempted to see the place, can not help but smile.Straight angered next few scholar captivated.A tall slender pale-faced scholar askance Touqiao, girl lovingly with him actually ogle.Scholar boldly crowded near the car, deep Shiyi Li.Girl look shy man, a man see through her mind, knowing nod.Girl hand trick scholar on the car, on the car scholar, said the sound good to the old man and the girl, sat down to play together.When the crowd of more and more people, young people sit and envy the girl sitting beside scholar.Then sell oil steamed king for two also squeezed in the crowd, he was a talkative young man, he took to see the Black Dragon Pool wonders again to tell the crowd when folding wicker.A mass ten, hundred, instantly spread throughout the temple.People do not see them, and put a car around a packed, loud speech after another: to look at fairy Yurong.See the man vent secret, hand over the car and said to the crowd of people: we are all the way to the temple in time for ordinary people, not gods, please neighbors, who dispersed it!Multi plea, people just do not believe.Helpless old man, finger southeast, blowing clouds of mouth, instant incredibly hard, the wind comes up, thunder and lightning, torrential rain began, the people in front of the stage were all broken up, the car took the opportunity to rush into the Black Dragon Pool.That night, living in the vicinity of the Black Dragon Pool hear within Tam complains bursts, they say the son is the one who made the pale face carp marching.The next day, people are surprised to find the two feet long catfish floating on the water surface Black Dragon Pool, this is probably attempting punishment for dereliction of duty generals who fish it!

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