The United States and the two Koreas hold informal tripartite talks in Finland


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  Xinhua News Agency, Helsinki, March 21 – North Korea, South Korea, the United States tripartite informal talks held in the southern city of Vantaa, Finland from 20 to 21, representatives of the three parties to exchange views on issues of common concern such as the situation in the Korean Peninsula。   After the United States and the two Koreas informal tripartite meeting on the 21st, the Finnish Foreign Ministry official 基莫拉赫德 Weier Ta offsite Vantaa talks, representatives of the media read out a statement in three directions。   The statement stressed that the meeting is one of a series of academic conferences over the years to explore the establishment of confidence and easing the Korean Peninsula situation and held long before a turnaround in the situation on the Korean peninsula had been good preparation。   The statement pointed out, the United States and the two Koreas on behalf of the three parties in a positive atmosphere in a constructive exchange of views。
  The statement did not mention the talks for more details。
Lage Deville tower refused to answer media questions related。   According to Finnish media reports, the United States and the two Koreas have six representatives of the three parties to participate in closed-door talks in Vantaa, observers from the United Nations and Europe also attended the meeting。
He reported that the talks may be or will be inter-Korean summit held in April and the DPRK-US summit or will be held in May in preparation。

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