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I am anxious in the midst of the crowd – Shopping.  Everyone hurried Luexiang from all directions around me, like strobe as one by one.Looked up, I just try to see half the sky, but most eyes will be cut off from that towering high-rise.  Glass curtain wall commercial release of a piece sparse clouds, under the hot sun wall of clouds but not dazzling, because the walls are blue-black, but it bordered by gold clouds change plus pleasing.Dazzle people with white headphones, leaving a wide range of packages, the name of shiny hair, a modern era sight greets.  In addition to this a lush, while everyone hastily passing, I’m fleeting gaps between people, we see a string of silhouette – looks like someone in a fight.  Have occurred in the heart of the place such a thing, it was more or less bohemian.Because too many people, my eyes will not stay too long in a straight line, as if watching a clip, of course, in the end do not know what the situation is.But come more often, such a thing commonplace: When you see a group of tight clothing next to the skin, head Colorful puff of people quietly standing in the corner of a quiet, this is probably an inevitable storm.  I swing around the hard way through the crowd, finally hopes of finding an open space, I do not know who reported the police, when I look at the estimated end, and that was taken away a few thugs.The poor man was beaten and colorful face expression of disdain, he staggered to his feet, put up a middle finger to the thugs in police car.Then he took out a cell phone, while the phone while limped disappeared in the crowd.  Ah.Who does not know that he was out of cell phone to call his brother and other crowd then shifted the blame from the Bureau yard?  When walking, hands hides his pocket, walked hides a bunch of thoughts and sigh.  I had to go back, because I could not believe all the money spend an afternoon caused no money to take a taxi!Why not take the bus it?I’m tired of rickety carriage, it would fly all the way.  There on the left side of the road a black Buick Business exceptionally beautiful, beautiful body shines in me.And I’m more curious about the owner of the car, but the black window film that I can only see a shadow.  Around 5:40 pm, rush hour, traffic jam.  ”The front also allows people gone?His mother from work na.” ‘Tick -‘ drop down window, a twenty-year-old young men, black sunglasses, tall tress, a look claws, shells oaths.  See the car in front did not respond, he intensified, ready to get off.  At this time, stretching back over a dignified hand on his shoulder, he quickly went back and bowing, flattering smile.That smile, revealing an ancient palace conquered sense.  I could not help laughing a few words, the typical sure they laugh, but stopped short – and who is it not so it?  If you are in the car I never see them so I have mixed feelings of sophisticated human.  I walked toward a bunch of alley.In the depths of the alley, not too big commercial buildings, and only see the old houses and some of the impending demolition of buildings.Those old house on the glass of the child has been covered with dust, or some of them have broken.Wall was covered with little advertising, or paint directly written on it: Treatment of Psoriasis.Back with a bunch of phone.Advertising paper between the sky and the ground presumptuous, no cleaning.Because the cleaning people are cleaning their own civilized society it?  The trees here, in addition to those trunks become black, pus old trees, new trees of no other.Just recall the roadside hang colorful neon lights, street trees trimmed slim, I believe that nobody wants to try to plant them here, a few days after feeling a shake shake on the hype.  Distance came the pungent smell unbearable, I saw piles of garbage no one to take care of as lying between two old mud house, garbage here already taller than me, I’m amazed that his nose everything: the original municipal waste is hidden in places that do not recognize the city!  I can not believe that a prosperous city-state civilization so much as a desolate corner of falling defeat, and when the house while I pick up the garbage out clean disdain scored full bed, I had to believe.  finally arrived at home.Here too few noisy, too few people.The district, and I saw Yixiang scene: old people sitting around the table playing chess in the short side; golden find the most comfortable position between sleeping and waking in the afternoon sun; pigeons on the roof from time to time Tanchunaodai , waving wings, shed peaceful.And in this, in that it is highly prosperous latent groups of sin, they are holding a sign “civilization” to cover up their own civilization erosion.  Whatwe’vedone?  Andwhatcanwedo?  Thinkingwithusheart .

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