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At the beginning of 2012, a comic note circulated on the Internet, people smile and a tear, a smile in tears.Comic content from a true story.Her ten million North drift race in a, in a company to be a little illustrator, painting sets out several books, nine to five, three meals uncertain, ideal for your life.That morning, she suddenly collapsed without warning, but fortunately was discovered colleague, promptly sent her to the hospital.She thought, I need it to fuss?Probably too late at night, tired, take a day to ensure lively.However, a lap down to check, the doctor told her that a term is a mouthful of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer.Like a computer suddenly black screen, her mind is also an instant short circuit, kidding, she was hardly 30 years old, life is infinitely better, not how long the tumor on her eyes to find it?After a brief shock and horror, she said dismissively: not that a tumor Well, I was so young, but talented, Doudao you are not a piece of cake!She did not tell their parents to the disease far away in Zhejiang, also told all my friends for her secret, a man in the hospital, started the endless injections, medication, body temperature, chemotherapy, observed changes in white blood cells, the days of drab gray, crises.A friend can not stand it, call betrayed her, distraught parents, the night went to Beijing by plane, to accompany her in the hospital, but she secretly slipped out of the hospital, to help parents booked a room in a hotel, and in the room blowing air conditioning watching TV, a leisurely look.Even more exasperating is that parents listen to the doctor after the condition statement, crying to the ward to see her, she is holding a phone to play games with relish, as if that person is not the slightest sick relationship with her.Parents and doctors laugh and cry more than that, although all day to stay in bed, so that chemotherapy hair all off, the body began swelling, but she likes to dress himself, like other people call her beauty.Bo a reputation, she begged a friend to help her with cosmetics, makeup secretly carrying a doctor.Boring hospital by her life literally toss colorful, cursed While playing pain swelling needle, let her chemotherapy vomiting, do thoracentesis let her scared, but she can always find ways to amuse yourself happy.To see her daughter so heartless, whose parents are both happy and sad, and she said: The doctor said I can be good, it certainly can be good, not just a small tumor Well, I’m afraid I can not let it be seen!I’m afraid it is even more proud!After slightly stable condition, she picked up a brush, want to continue to paint.She later also on painting famous married, earn a lot of money, so that parents do a better life, for a long time not to take the brush can not do, will be unfamiliar!What is good painting?Simply paint their experience of it and fight cancer.So she was taken to hospital from his fall began to draw on, the comic book hero is a cute little bear horns behind the long tail.Winnie the only optimistic and strong, smug, insensitive, blood from the face, these terrible tests check to a man lying in bed alone, to see her friends, to ward interesting, every one are relaxed funny, and are accompanied by interesting text: when Amy recite, I was paralyzed in bed, after only one thought in mind, and she still can not sleep naked ah!Well, allow yourself to five or six pounds of fat during sick of it, I can see how swollen up like this man what!But what people lived in homes faceless.I was in hospital it is to come to rest!Not to noon came to see me, news travels so fast!Painting became her biggest entertainment during the hospital stay, she will have time to draw a few strokes, a few months, actually gained as much as 50.After the Spring Festival, she will draw after finishing uploaded to these distant forum, named “get out of it, tumor Monarch”.Wanted to give people some encouragement same boat, I did not expect, just one month’s time, post click-through rate of up to 150 million times, those Kuzhongzuole, smile and a tear comic, shocked many people’s mind.This post fire, and was reprinted countless times, her microblogging overnight increase in the number of fans.With bursts of this post, a lot of people know her name bears Dayton, a lot of people know her and fight cancer experience, everyone wants to give her a nickname inspirational sister.Her positive and optimistic, not only to the sick in order to encourage people, even healthy people who inspired no matter what the difficulties, we must stay positive and never give up.Currently, Bear Dayton just finished for the first eight chemotherapy, the doctor said, after the end of the first nine chemotherapy, she would be discharged.Bear Dayton has planned for the future, the first thing after discharge, the disease is in the cartoons published in book form.Now, many people are looking forward to bear Dayton get well soon.Before unpublished book, a lot of people eyeing the painting she had set out, those books have also started selling unknown.This makes the bear Dayton unexpected, did not expect while overcoming cancer, she has reaped the fruits of the cause, she said with emotion: do not get out of the predicament, as long as with the faith and optimistic attitude!

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