Carefully weaving a poem to you – caused by Plum


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Carefully weaving a poem to you cut a moonbeam draw your name in a dream pillow let mottled memories flowing back into the river frustration that July day when the Maple Leafs off the green in green orange jacket looked more desolate air temperature rapidly reduce wandering, wandering like ghosts nowhere habitat kinked moonlight led me step into your dream light purple bar across the door space cherished scents of sorrow was holding my sleeves soulstirring Xinyu like echo Valley Lane in my heart waves rippling gently booed loudly asked a cold unintentional played the song a warm friendship and I stand confused ferry embrace a melancholy immersed in a pool of ink Kaori such as trickling water inadvertently inter touch your heart throbbing heart is your compassion helpless as the prodigal son swaying in the wind shadow of fear flickering wick of a candle in the night hiding your hands get rid of gloom has set aside for me out of a cave open to let me bathe in the spring wind in the slightest in the days filled with you I’m not the old legend of rain over the years is we were worried about each other’s feelings dancing shadows of the trees the leaves have fallen when I look back You will be my beautiful memories tonight as the water of the night as day to let the soul away from the materialistic reality lying still watch the stars of the night to listen to the silent sigh cold wind I have asked the dash has been deeply wrinkled eyes pouring gratitude can not help but fall a tear so good night I just want to carefully weave a poem to you 2012.01.12

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