Carefully measure their feet measured life world


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“You get forward and seek some kind of satisfaction, it does not make you stop forward.Stop forward that is empty of life!”Everyone has their own sense of independence in the after, always dreaming that they will have some unusual way of life, or beautiful or elegant amazed awe or ordinary admirable, but when after detachment from their parents themselves from campus after students began their familiar hard work alone gradually spend time with their dreams, so not all of them continue to adhere to the original CIGNA, so some people began to retreat to the status quo continue to find their own road, so some people still adhere to retreat when some people in this process, the most difficult to control is your own heart.Only filling his soul when lonely, soul continue to breathe fresh air, to be able to ensure enough nutrients, this nutrient is his vision.Broad vision, which will help to ease the depression of their own time, which will help resolve the long future of the firm, which will help convert the negative direction of the force behavior.    Carefully measured life, to establish clear goals for yourself and a great, this was higher than the target tangible reality.    Time is the sole criterion for testing history.The future is important, but the moment is the history of the country, because that is just past second thing of the past, and the future is still in the next second.Do not live in the future, the next second only by their own efforts and struggle is about to change, making it a valuable sense of contemporary history.All people dream of radiant aura, but some people remain in the courage to stay in the dream of some people think some people took the foot, or only those who only dream of people will eventually want to lose dare to dream dare to think, to then the dream and think for them means happiness means that luxury, and those who took his foot toward the center of the halo.    Feet measured world, for their dreams to be brave to go out, even if another big storm outside and then a big suffering, do not make you stop.    Carefully measured life, it is necessary to own a lighthouse tree, far can see her warm soft; their feet measured in the world, we must pay the price for their dreams, and slowly in order to see that a brilliant future!

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