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In a world that someone is a genius, might not be all praise, however, for Hsu, but can only say that such a genius, is not naturally occurring, but his father, a shrewd Chinese businessman playing well, at least in the beginning, when this is.Such as Xu Shen, Xu’s father, the richest man in the late Qing Dynasty period Haining County, Kip Stone Town, the town has long served as president of the Chamber of Commerce.Mr. Xu greatest contribution to life, which is a joint county squire, will be prepared to go through Tongxiang County, Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway, turning a big Waner, after his hometown Kip Stone Town, is home to the people’s life is how much well-being (Haining County later moved to Kip stone town), but also let him become the richest man in a town of a county’s richest man.If anyone travel to Zhejiang, look carefully you will find that this Waner, there is still the hard angles and.Improve the investment environment in order to produce the greatest economic benefits, such as Mr. Xu Shen shrewd business strategy that will be used for the cultivation of only begotten son, unexpectedly and was a great success.When it comes to culture, the best schools, which needless to say, outside of the normal school, back to hire the best teacher.This saying is easy, so fear is not so easy.Let us look at Mr. Xu was hired for his son what kind of extracurricular teacher.Primary school, in order to let his son help him grow up calligraphy, the father led his son to Shanghai, Toushi at the reputation of the loudest calligrapher Zheng Xiao Xu Men, at which time Zheng Xiaoxu did not go to the Northeast when he was prime minister puppet state of the country, in Shanghai vend living in exile for word.This matter is described in “Zheng Xiaoxu Diary”.Peking university, but Mr. Xu still not satisfied, to his son in the future to be among the high society, he once again one thousand ocean Zhi ceremony, her son worship sects in Liang Qichao, became prominent Liangren Gong apprentice.Whether at home or abroad, Xu Jin is a first-class university.He does not at Peking University on undergraduate matriculation, because the foundation is the late Qing Dynasty Foundation compiled Pavilion, pay more attention to foreign language learning and use.Including law school without learning what Chinese culture, it is to have the most cutting-edge knowledge, become the most fashionable modern scholars.Of course there are foreign academic standards mean.Sure enough, the preparatory year after graduation, Xu will be studying in the US.First arrived in the United States, into Clark University Department of History, Department of Political Science at Columbia University and then into the master’s degree.Immediately across the sea to Britain, to the London School of Economics, University teacher was the famous scholar Laski, and later transferred to the Royal College of Cambridge University, studying political economy.Spare time, he also participated in the election campaign of the British Labor Party.In the UK two years, is a first-class university on Xu, also make the characters are first-class.Russell Hardy, Mansfield, Dickinson.It was this Mr. Dickinson, introduced him into the Royal College of Cambridge.Let us see what gifts he gave Di Xiansheng is a woodblock print of “Tang poems Collection,” were the words on the title page: Although the book withered moth, real possession of my house, a guest could not say farewell, Mr. Xing smile so satisfied, Jung deep men.Beats, and more financial good Jia, coupled born smart, not a long time, the young Chinese students, the University of Cambridge has become a celebrity.Even Mr. Porter Royal Academy, after many years but still remember the kind generosity of Mr. Xu.Still later, in the 1980s, there was a mainland scholars to study in the UK, wrote an article, saying that for over a century, the Chinese people as adults to study in Europe and America, Europe and difficult to integrate into society.After some research he has done on Xu’s case, had to revise his views, said that to his knowledge, the only exception Hsu.According to Xu’s heart and mind, according to Xu Shen as expected, Xu would also be diving in England, it is not difficult to get hold of Dr..However, Lin Huiyin shadows in front of a flash, and mortal dies when the wealthy dandy, in foggy England could not stay.So pack up in a hurry to return home.He’s this rash action, and later was a school friend of his philosophy of ridicule, who called Mr. Jin, old age people are confused, remember to sing a few words in the play when Xu left London, he forgot one front , the latter sentence is: ecstasy into the Yanjing today!Huiyin was just a decoy, but in reality the country has great career awaits this is not a genius.Xu Liang abroad before worship in sects, in October 1922, he returned to Shanghai, feet left the deck of the ship, which entered the hall Chinese high society.To Beijing, Liang when he lived in Songpa curator of the library.Songpa who re famous republic of Cai E also.History of the elderly such as pre-arranged the whole thing, just past the May Fourth Movement, after several years, is China’s New Culture Movement will be a booming period.Such an extraordinary period, will need to figure a very powerful, all-powerful.Mr. Xu Shen such as long-term investments, but also in exchange for a lucrative returns.If the Shanghai-Hangzhou railway took that Waner only benefit one party, then this time of return, but at the time the benefit of the Chinese society, the benefit of generations of descendants of the Chinese nation.1920s, the history of China is bound to be a sudden change of situation during the.A piece of historical facts do not have to Lvshu, the New Culture Movement in full swing of development, for fear that no one can deny the fact.Associations and schools, has always been the vanguard of the movement to promote the culture of all times, no outer Mo.In order to promote the rapid development of China’s New Culture Movement, before returning to Xu, has considerable momentum, there were two literary societies, one is set up in Beijing in early 1921, the study of literature, one is established in Tokyo in July the same year, it soon moved to Shanghai in the creation society.The two literary societies, can be said of the birth of the spirit of the May Fourth Movement, was first established, have played a considerable role.However, they are difficult to overcome, after all, it has its own drawbacks.Literature will be the main domestic writers and scholars, more than honest and lack of courage, leadership harder and harder to large office of the New Culture Movement.Creation Society is the all students studying in Japan, everyone is a hero, all heroes, but narrow gas, the pattern is too small, difficult Fu Zhongwang.True continuation of the Fourth spirit, affecting a wide Phi, outstanding achievements, but also a few mid-1923 initiated the establishment of this Xu Crescent Society.Crescent Society set up, at first only say that lightly equivalent.1924 Tagore’s visit to China in mid-April, first to Shanghai, then to Beijing.Tagore know to Beijing, will certainly want to come Songpa Library interviews, Xu lived in the museum of the time, in order to discuss the old poet like it, then plug in the door of his residence a small wooden plaque with a brush written three not a lot of ink word: Crescent society.This is presumably after noon, people are resting after midnight, 27-year-old young man quietly put up this little wooden plaque, will certainly also sheepishly looked around.However, this is pegged to a study for the Anglo-American liberal intellectuals background knowledge of cultural groups, was born in the ancient land.After the show its real power groups, have to wait until mid-1927, most members gather in Shanghai, the establishment of the new moon Bookstore, founded the “New Moon” magazine.Between the beginning of the establishment of three or four years, and its main function is to contact fellow, accumulation of power.During this period, the most style and performance, is Xu personal Civil war, the East to fight the West to kill.Mathematics events punctuate events, opera events, musical events one after the debate, no matter win or lose, is to get fame.Indeed also the players, and there’s sensibilities Liang, Xu was soon in charge of the “Morning Supplement” the right to edit.A few rounds down, put the research department of the newspaper supplement, pulled off a strong position of the New Culture Movement, on a limited layout, launched a controversy again and again.In the understanding of world trends and China’s national conditions, Hu even have him a chip Johnson.Liang Shih-chiu returning home late, basically did not participate in activities during the Beijing and in Shanghai time, he is the backbone of the New Moon School, once served as editor of “New Moon,” the.This harsh critic, later recalled young friend, not without deep feeling that the establishment of the new moon bookstore, of course, is running the most power Shima.Said Hu (fitness) Mr. crescent course leader, in fact Shima is the soul of the new moon.Leaders want is respected, should those from the cloud, but the soul is life, there he is, whether many or by few, that a new moon fall down, down rises, operate freely; without him, this new round month will fall, not rise complex.Queshiruci fact, every year 193 111 months after Xu died in a plane crash, marking the “New Moon” magazine New Moon School vitality, despite Lord Ye super tough people support, is the final days are numbered, and soon come to an end.A young man, returning less than a decade, a series of several marriage crisis, has been ignited, but also quiet, static in force, Yamaha waving the gun, several rounds down, to itself a top poet, but also a few rounds, then outstanding achievements since the formation of a literary community, to open a bookstore, do journals, form a far-reaching literary genre.Such a person, not a God of love and sympathy pains genius, what is?Genius and so on, but is an extreme terms to say.Fair to say that Hsu is a Ningxin Er generated at the beginning of the 20th century, Chinese traditional culture and Western culture intercourse excellent Gudang.The final benefit, or his home state of misery.

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