Careful, the weave a better life


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In the afternoon, walking in the drizzle, the graceful willow, in raindrops shyly bowed his head, a hint of green, mixing my memory, a warmth on the heart attack, I suddenly remembered my father telling me played, grandmother weave baskets and wicker baskets to things.    That was in the distant home, surrounded by a dam yard, carefully weaving grandmother, her delicate Qian Zhi as spiritual needles, so that her hands stubborn stubborn wicker, became docile gentle line , despite the mercy grandmother, grandmother instill obedience command conform, instant, one unique patterns, nice basket weave out on.    Watching so many flowers in full bloom, when the young father, very excited, because these baskets is the only source of livelihood father at home with these flowers, can be set to exchange and eat, wear and necessities of life.It is a source of life and hope.    That year, the grandmother with her exquisite craft careful weave hope of survival, now, why we do not need to use our intelligent minds and careful observation to discover beauty, to dig the United States, to create a better life it?    In real life, people tend to go back and forth busy living, often careless, ignoring the details of life.As the saying goes: see subtle success or failure, whatever you do have to pay attention to detail, attention to the accumulation of bit by bit, carefully, it is essential.    Lofty towers destroyed by decay ants.Ants strength is meager, but if it over time, perseverance, even high-rise buildings, it can also be Kenshi collapse, like a spray can ripple as.Usually must pay attention to health care, carefully take good care of the body, from the start bit by bit.Just think, without a healthy body, a crippling of people, how to be optimistic, how to mobilize the enthusiasm, to weave a better life?    Caring love around.And your daily life is nothing more than parents, spouses, children, they are valuable people in your life, your life is in the right-hand man, when you put the warmest love and dedication to them, they will give your life unlimited happiness and joy, a drop of rain into rivers, rivers and lakes to form, in order to feel the warm embrace of family and love.    As the saying goes, more than a friend, more than one way, society is a big stage, a man armed with rivers and lakes, is very easy to loneliness and solitude, and only open-minded, friendly and love, into the collective integration into society, you have to be eagle wings sky, fish, birds, marine travel there.    A person must not be ambitious, down to earth should not be floating in the air.Ideal and reality, there is always a certain distance, it is this phase of distance, to inspire us step by step, to move in a desired direction, people have goals, life will be fun, it will have power before can turn hostility into friendship, arouse the enthusiasm of hearts spark in the road toward the ideal, will feel life is good, life is brilliant insight will.    Life is so trivial, and it is in this plain but complex in detail, hidden in a variety of beautiful, beautiful mountain stream trickling streams such as the United States, such as wilderness gorgeous flowers, such as the poignant beauty of the rain, the United States such as Lang Lang catchy poem, alas, the United States, the United States let you indulge.How can I find these sorts of life in the United States, which we need to dig carefully, and understand.    Careful achievements of the quality of life, careful achievements of a better life.With carefully weave a better life now.A better life to make you feel good.    Misty rain still stroking the graceful willow, switchgrass still dancing in her graceful posture, rhythm of the rain soaked my skirt, cool raindrops wet my recall, vaguely, I saw my grandmother sitting under the eaves, bright smile, vaguely saw her grandmother weave beautiful baskets.

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