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The ready position is the lower extremity exercise: the body upright, feet apart slightly wider shoulder, hands on his hips, two front head。 Action is: rotary movement of the foot: lift the right foot forward, toe rotation from the inside out (clockwise) turns 16, from outside to inside and then rotate (counter-clockwise) turns 16; then do the same action pulls pin。
Turn knee motion: upper body flexion, two hands on knees, knees flexion, knees first while rotating clockwise 16 times, then counterclockwise 16 times; knees are simultaneously transferred from outside to inside 16 times, and then were transferred from the inside out 16 times。
Kicking motion: forward alternating feet each skirting 16, to pull the toes kick; Dengjiao feet alternately 16 times each forward projecting heel when kicking。 Kick motion: forward high kicks alternating legs 16 each; the legs after the kick, heel kick to the hip, each of the 16 kick。
Squatting movement: two feet off the ground, loose waist squat knees, vibrate up and down eight times while squatting, slowly stood up, heel strike。 Thus, repeated 5 times。
Stretching exercise: right leg bent into a saddle-, ipsilateral knee hand, the tiger's mouth down, upper right front of the deep flexor bend forward, put the left hip, seeing the left toe, pushing down the left hand knee 4。
Then put the right hip, seeing the right toe, right hand push hard right knee 4 times。
Around the turn of each doing four times。
Jumping jumping up and down movement in place, jumping a total of 16 times。 Beats, swing up and down along the upper limbs, the head to high, down to the lower abdomen, fingers close together as a single palm。
How legs Meridian Health Meridian therapy of human diabetes earliest medical text "Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen" and "coffin" on the record of the "Diabetes disease" disease name。 Han Dynasty doctors Zhongjing "Golden Chamber" of the Diabetes article on the "Chronicles" also recorded symptoms。 Tang dynasty, Liyan Chen famous physicians at the outset that the urine of patients with diabetes is sweet。
Ancient books, said, "Diabetes disease" is that we often talk about "diabetes", there are several ways in traditional Chinese medicine to treat the disease。
Now we focus on what meridian points therapy for diabetes。

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