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A set of zodiac chart succession popular network, the author graduated from Sichuan University, painting is her hobby.Figure both before and after the Lunar New Year succession, the last Lunar New Year when the transfer to the next Lunar New Year, Xia Yibei are ignorant cute young adult zodiac mighty domineering.Many users suggested that these be made into stamps issued Photo.People no way out, when you really think that you can still walk in front of this road is the best choice, presuming it, how wonderful the old, do not want to see things blurred it, do not want to hear the voice interrupt it.How wonderful old, arbitrary, unlimited space.This is the reason I paint it?Is essentially a desire for freedom of the people, in essence, there is also a rule-moment person, Ningba a lifetime do not know in the end is a poplar or willow, sometimes frighteningly straight, bend sometimes pitifully.This is also the reason I paint it?Year fifty two halves, closed in their own world for twenty years, all the world was streaking in three decades.Three years, as the fancy painting, faces numerous back and forth to be replaced, the cost whether you like or not, this is the famous.There are mix and match over three decades later, how to live?This is another reason I paint it?Yes and no.Currently there is only one clear reason: like.This is more than a good career ah, do not deal with anyone, do not say a word against his.Write “days” had never been seen, I even told edit Yi Ling said: writer is more than a good job ah, holding a pen, write a few words on white paper, someone Jiecha, and both expressed to you, and harvest money.Raise the baby, and also the soul of the rich.Today, I am certain that if my next life, I would choose to write a book, painting, just be sure to add these two amateur career before.Any amateur thing you can do best.Is not it?Amateur is what you really love, really no one to give you a given purpose, set targets, but you will make every effort, because I like.Amateur burden, you’re not playing field.I was finally old money in repairing themselves on two gorgeous robe, called a registered trademark of amateur.A write a book put on, the other painting when put.Both robe draped over my body, this body ah!People’s tolerance, acceptance, sale, everything becomes so natural, so reasonable, so that even the great writer and Process of Jia, Xiao Fuxing parallel prose won a contest, but also nothing to make life difficult.How can adults and children care about?Professional and amateur already on the road two child Well!The liberation of the heart, pen’re free.Press to really good title, “Ni Ping painting day”.The days are drawing out of it?Really bragging!

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